Young & Restless: Victor pays Ashland blackmailer to leave town

At the hotel, Billy learns from Crystal that Gaines’ bill has been paid and he leaves. Billy finds it strange that he suddenly disappears. He sees Victor sitting nearby and walks up to him. He questions her about spending so much time in the Phyllis Institution. He wonders if Jessie Gaines’ name rings a bell. He was staying there but now he’s gone and Victor is there… he doesn’t think it’s a coincidence. Victor laughs. He gets up and walks away, ignoring Billy’s requests.

In Newman, Ashland leaves an agitated voicemail message when he fails to reach Gaines. Victoria questions him and he provides a vague explanation. She tells him that, once again, it feels like he’s hiding something. Victoria reminds him that he has nothing to hide from her. She won’t reject him anyway. “Let’s just pick up on this conversation. Tell me, what was it really about, that phone call? Nikki interrupts. She informs them that she has planned for Leslie Brooks to perform at their wedding ceremony. Ashland is delighted and apologizes for having to make a few calls. After she leaves, Nikki asks Victoria if everything is okay. She whispers, “Of course.
Victoria interviews Ashland Y&R

At the Chancellor’s Estate, Abby struggles to comfort the crying Dominic.

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Mariah arrives in her suite and finds a note from Tessa, who has gone out to get some things. She picks up her bag to look for something and finds one of Dominic’s bibs. She goes through birth and her attachment to the baby.

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At Crimson Lights, Tessa and Sharon discuss Mariah’s state of mind. Sharon thinks it was probably a good idea to put some distance between herself and the baby – maybe she also takes some emotional distance? Tessa isn’t so sure. Offscreen, Tessa informs Sharon of Mariah’s new plan to overcome Dominic by having a baby with her. Tessa thinks it’s pretty obvious that the idea didn’t come from a healthy or grounded place. It’s giving her something to hold onto and she doesn’t want to take it away… or make promises that she may not be able to keep. “How do I handle this? I don’t know what to say to him.
Sharon, Tessa confide in Y&R

Tessa tells Sharon that she couldn’t hide her shock when Mariah suggested having a baby. Sharon reminds her that Mariah is in mourning right now and is trying to fill a void. Tessa thinks that if making plans helps her, is there any harm in letting it go on a little longer? Sharon warns that she will focus on this vision only to lose it as well. “You have to find a way to tell him that.” Tessa knows she’s right… but it’s not going to be easy.

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Devon stops in Mariah’s hotel suite to see her and she wonders if he and Abby have discussed her mental state. Devon shrugs, saying that Abby just wants everyone to be happy. “We are all trying to figure this out together.” He admits he’s not even sure about his role in the baby’s life. She wonders if he discussed it with Abby. He feels that she has had enough on her plate. Mariah doesn’t know how it all got so out of hand. Devon says they just have to let everything fall into place… for him, that will be when Chance gets home. The conversation turns to Stitch and Mariah says she’s not too worried about him, but would be relieved if they called to say they found him. She confides that she and Tessa have a plan; another way for her to heal. “I’m incredibly excited to know where Tessa and I are going.” She urges Devon to tell Abby that she is on the right track to recovering.
Devon, Mariah speak Y&R

Devon arrives at the Chancellor Estate where he is disappointed to learn that Dominic has just come down for a nap. Abby talks about the baby for a minute, then Devon tells her that he asked Amanda to move in with him. She is thrilled for him. The baby starts to cry so Abby runs to get him. She can’t get him to settle down, so Devon offers to take her. Abby hands over Dominic, who begins to coo when the billionaire holds him and suggests they go for a walk.
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Sharon is considering texting the cafe when Rey walks in. He’s all hers for the night. She wants him to stop her from running to the Great Phoenix and mothering Mariah to death. Sharon says Tessa was right there and made it look like Mariah was really struggling. Rey is certain that she will be the first person Tessa comes to in the event of a real emergency. He has a few suggestions on how to divert his attention right now. Sharon is all ears.

At Newman’s, Nikki doesn’t want to get involved but it’s clear that something is on Victoria’s mind. Victoria tells him that Ashland may be hiding something from her – he looks worried but is forced to assure her that everything is fine. She wonders if Billy is still harassing him. Nikki wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t the only one digging into Ashland’s past.
Nikki meddles with Victoria Y&R

Ashland enters the Greater Phoenix, where Billy lies in wait. He guesses that Locke is looking for Gaines and informs him that he’s gone. Victor appears and thanks Ashland for meeting him. Billy hopes to have a table for three; he has a few questions for both of them. Victor calls him a pest. Billy doubts Ashland will meet Victor there, but Locke insists they were about to have a drink and discuss wedding plans. Victor suggests that Ashland join him at the ranch where they will have privacy. Billy is sure he will have fond memories of Victor watching him have a heart attack there. Victor tells Billy he’s incorrigible.

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Tessa returns to the suite and tells Mariah that she is excited about the trip to Italy to sing at Victoria’s wedding. Mariah says Kyle figured out why she couldn’t be the best person at her wedding and turned the conversation around her plans to have a baby. Tessa stops him. “Mariah, I think you’re getting a head start here. Or at least in front of me. Mariah is taken aback, “Oh.” Tessa doesn’t want to rush things – they have to make sure they’re both prepared to take this on; it’s a life-changing gesture. Mariah is just excited to raise her own child.
Honest Tessa with Mariah Y&R

In the park, Devon tells Dominic that they are in Chancellor Park, which is named after Katherine. “She was my grandmother, which means she is your great-grandmother.” As he grew up he would hear many stories about her and all the people who helped build this city. “You have the Newmans, the Abbots, the Chancellors and you have the Winters. Neil Winters was my father. I really wish you could meet him. He assures the baby that he has lots of roots and will grow up safely, never questioning his place there, which is pretty cool.
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At Society, Rey is dressed in a shirt he wore on his honeymoon, and Sharon recognizes the song being played as the one they danced to. Rey also offers a menu to conjure up honeymoon memories. Sharon doesn’t know if he’ll ever go past this date. Rey warns that they are just getting started. He makes her close her eyes and waves a perfume under her nose. She smells of tropical flowers. Rey tells her to open her eyes and she spots a bottle of perfume that will take her back to this magical time in Miami every time she wears it. Sharon has ideas for the rest of the evening and hints that she will only wear the perfume.
Sharon, Rey Y&R Romantic Evening

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At Crimson Lights, Billy tells Victoria, who’s with Nikki, that he met Ashland at the hotel – he was looking for Jessie Gaines. He can tell that she’s never heard the name before and is surprised that he didn’t mention it. Victoria asks him to step back, leave her alone, leave Ashland alone and stay out of their lives.
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At the ranch, Ashland thanks Victor for covering it up with Billy, whose constant suspicion around every turn becomes a bit too much. Victor lets Ashland know that he’s taken care of his problem with Jessie Gaines and offers her a drink. Over the scotch, Victor reveals that he knows Gaines is collecting $ 300,000 a year from him for doing nothing – like an extortion racket. He offered her a lot of money to stay away from Ashland, who may consider it a wedding gift. Victor threatened him to go to jail with blackmail or take the money he offered and disappear. He stresses that their backgrounds are no different and that he firmly believes in forgetting the past.
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Locke warns that Gaines cannot be trusted. Victor is watching him. He specifies that he did this for Victoria, she has never been happier. It’s because of Ashland and he would like it to stay that way. That said, he wants Locke to know that what he did today he can undo in the blink of an eye. Ashland won’t give him any reason to do it, all he wants is to make Victoria as happy as she made him. Victor raises his glass: “As long as it stays like this, you don’t have to worry. Cheers.”

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