‘You took advantage of me’

A seamstress felt like her friend, a soon-to-be bride, horribly took advantage of a OK they made.

She asked Reddit‘s “Am I the A ******”Advice forum. Her friend Karina gets married and asks her to make her a wedding dress. She agreed to buy the material as a gift but asked Karina to pay her on time. Once things started Karina proved to be difficult to work with, so the Reddit poster stopped. Now Karina is struggling to find a dress.

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“My friend Karina is getting married and asked me to do it [a] dress ”, the Reddit poster wrote. “As a wedding gift, I told her I would pay for the materials as long as they weren’t expensive or very unique, so she only had to pay me an hourly rate. She wasn’t very excited about it. She expected me to give her the dress, but she accepted. Karina has been an absolute nightmare to work with. I’ve really never met someone more infuriating (and I’ve worked in retail). So far, she has changed the fabric, shape, details and general design of the dress several times. She was also extremely precise on some very expensive materials.

Then, when Karina asked for Swarovski crystals, the dressmaker hit her breaking point.

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“She decided she ‘needed’ Swarovski crystals in her dress,” Reddit poster noted. “I asked her if she thought to add them as details, but then she tells me that she wants the whole dress covered. I then send her this message: “Karina, I really appreciate your friendship, but I realized that you are not a nice person to work with. Your demands are unreasonable and you have abused me. I decided to end our OK here. I will send you the invoice for my work so that I can finish the dress as we had previously agreed. When you pay me, you can come and get your dress. She then texts me saying that she doesn’t have to pay a single penny for my job since I’m the one who doesn’t fulfill my end of the deal. I then texted her, “No pay, no dress. Karina’s wedding is a month away, and she’s completely freaking out on social media, looking for second-hand dresses or places to rent wedding dresses, which leads me to believe she was counting on me to give him the dress. I feel terrible. “

Reddit users thought Katrina was a straightforward bridezilla.

“Bridezilla never intended to pay you a dime”, one user wrote.

“Don’t reward bad behavior”, another noted.

“She takes you for a ride, expecting you to pay for it,” someone added.

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