Would you say yes if your engagement ring came in an Imo’s pizza box?

ST. LOUIS – Imo’s Pizza is a St. Louis tradition and some couples have even gotten engaged in the iconic Hampton location.

So, would you say yes if your fiance came up with an Imo’s pizza box?

The pizza giant posted a great idea on its Facebook page for those looking to ask the question soon.

The ring was pictured inside a small pizza box from Imo with red and green tissue paper inside. The small boxes are sold with their gift cards.

Imo’s chief marketing officer Nichole Carpenter said the photo was staged. To their knowledge, no one has proposed this way, but she said maybe their photo would inspire someone to use this idea to ask their sweetheart to marry her.

Some people in the comments have started calling relatives. Amanda Pfeiffer tagged Ryan Pfeiffer and wrote “uh why didn’t you think about that”.

Erik Schuetz tagged Hershey James and wrote “this is how I should have asked”.

Chelsea Sartore commented: “Better be a ring in there because if you give me such a small Imos pizza you’re going to be in trouble lol.”

Pat Mueller commented: “Very cute idea.”

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