Woman cop’s chocolate parcel creates bomb threat in Chennai, TN

Police have opened an investigation into the stranger. (File photo / News18)

Bomb squads dismantled the package by placing it on the open floor only to find it contained chocolates, cashews and almonds inside.

  • News18 Chennai
  • Last update:07 December 2021, 23:43 IST

A mysterious package that arrived at Triplicane Police Station in Chennai on December 6 created panic among police officers after they suspected the package contained explosives inside. The cops called in bomb squads where a “sweet surprise” awaited like a twist.

Security has been stepped up in Chennai due to the anniversary of the demolition of Babri Masjid on Monday. In this situation, there was a commotion when a man brought a package to Inspector Kalaiselvi of the Chennai Crime Division at the end of December 5. The man said the package was a “gift package” and that he would give it to Inspector Kalaiselvi. .

As the inspector returned home from his shift, the package was handed over to Deputy Commissioner Baskar. Informed, Kalaiselvi refused to collect the package, saying it had not come for her. However, this cast doubt on the package.

Subsequently, there was a suspicion that it could be explosive material. Therefore, the demining teams arrived and retrieved the package with the help of a sniffer dog. The demining teams dismantled the package by placing it in the ground behind Kalaivanar Arangam.

On a surprise, it turned out that it wasn’t a “bombshell” package, but rather a gift package with chocolates, cashews and almonds inside. However, using CCTV cameras installed at the police station, the police opened an investigation into the stranger.

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