Win a $125 gas card

What could be better than a free banana split for June Dairy Month?

How about a free $125 gas card!

The Southern Standard will have both Fridays on our Customer Appreciation Day. Free banana splits will be available to everyone who walks through the door and the $125 gas gift card is the grand prize giveaway.

In addition to the $125 gas gift card, the Standard will have a $75 gas gift card as second prize and two $50 gas gift cards for other lucky winners.

Warren County June Dairy President EmiLee Lassiter will help serve the banana splits on Friday’s Standard Banana Day.

Beginning in 1939, National Milk Month encouraged everyone to make milk their beverage of choice based on its nutritional value. The month is a way to honor dairy farmers across the country.

Tennessee is home to approximately 28,000 dairy cows and they produce an average of 6.9 gallons of milk per day. Tennessee also has 130 dairy farms and a typical dairy farm has about 175 dairy cows. Each dairy cow in Tennessee provided an average of 2,110 gallons of milk in 2021.

Lassiter made the most of Dairy Month and participated in many dairy-related events. She handed out ice cream sandwiches at the Farmers Market and played dairy bingo with the FCE clubs.

Lassiter also set up shop at Main Street Live and Downtown by the fountain and did a cheese taste test where she asked people if they were Team Cheddar or Team Gouda. Attendees tried smoked gouda and cheddar and she says the gouda came out on top.

“Ice cream is my favorite dairy product,” Lassiter said when asked.

She says her all-time favorite flavor is creme cookies with extra caramel-topped Oreos.

Lassiter will be assembling banana splits for Standard Banana Day customer appreciation on Friday from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Stop by the newspaper office at 105 College Street for a free banana split, gas card giveaways and discounted subscriptions.

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