Why Daemon Targaryen Isn’t the Only Dragon Egg Thief in Westeros

Fifty years before the events of Dragon Housea cunning thief has snuck into the hatcheries beneath Dragonstone and taken three dragon eggs destined to one day return to House Targaryen…over two hundred years later during Daenerys Targaryen’s wedding to Khal Drogo.

Among the many noble houses in which we are interested A song of ice and fireMaison Farman is definitely not a. As depicted in George RR Martin’s Fire & Blood and The world of ice and fire, the Farmans were sworn bannermen of House Lannister and ruled Fair Isle, a small island in the far west of Westeros. But this unimposing family was embroiled in scandal following the death of Aegon the Conqueror, when Aegon’s granddaughter, Rhaena Targaryen, took refuge on Fair Isle after being widowed and the claim of her children to the throne was usurped by her uncle, Maegor the Cruel.

Women have often been pawns in the game of thrones, married to lords and heirs, but things are always more heated when dragons are involved. On Fair Isle, Rhaena has found good friends and an unlikely new lover, Elissa Farman, daughter of Lord Marq Farman.

Elissa was, by all accounts, a spirited girl who loved horses, hawks and the sea. As a teenager, she sailed alone to Bear Island and the Reach in the south. She was also engaged twice but scared off all her suitors. Yet Rhaena Targaryen was her equal in spirit, and when the exiled queen and her dragon Dreamfyre left Fair Isle to establish her own court on Dragonstone, Elissa went with her.

Inevitably, the dreary walls of Dragonstone grew too narrow, and Elissa longed to sail again. Rhaena could not bear to lose another faithful companion and refused his request for a ship. But a few years later, their love cooled and Elissa finally got permission to leave. Since Elissa had no money to fund her new adventure, before leaving Targaryen Fortress, she took the most valuable things she could think of: three eggs from Dragonstone Hatcheries.

From Dragonstone, she sailed to the Driftmark, onto Pentos, and finally Braavos, where she sold her precious dragon eggs to the Sealord. She finally got her gold and built her boat, sun chaserbefore heading farther west than anyone dared to dream, as she believed there were lands beyond the known limits of Westeros – a belief eventually shared by Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) at the end of game of thrones.

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