Where to Celebrate Lunar New Year 2022 in North Texas

In 2022, the Lunar New Year begins on February 1. This annual celebration marks the beginning of the calendar year through the lunar cycles. Celebrated primarily in East Asian cultures, communities welcome the Lunar New Year, in part, by eating delicious food that brings good fortune. From macaroons that bring abundance to “longevity noodles” — you know, long noodles, long life — these North Texas restaurants are ready to ring in the new year.

Asia Times Square

January 28-30

Lunar New Year 2022 is Asia Times Square’s 15th annual celebration. With a lot of spirit, this Grand Prairie market is having two celebrations in January (one was last weekend, the next to come). Asia Times Square will bring the party vibe with several K-pop performances, lion dances every two hours, and all the lucky foods you can eat in hopes of a bright new year. (Asia Times Square also encourages mask-wearing and the use of their indoor sanitation stations.)

Ngon Vietnamese cuisine

January 28-30

In Lower Greenville, Ngon Vietnamese Kitchen will host a three-day celebration. On the menu, find special dishes for the Lunar New Year: two different pan-fried sticky rice cake options (beef ham or vegan option), also known as banh chung chien, and a ha noi noodle dish which is usually consisting of vermicelli rice noodles in a chicken broth with dried shrimp thread, shredded chicken, Vietnamese ham, thin fried egg, pickled daikon, shiitake mushrooms and Chinese sausage, formerly known as bun thang.

On January 29, Ngon Vietnamese Kitchen will also randomly distribute lucky envelopes throughout the day and perform a Lion Dance at 3:30 p.m.

Grill Nuri

Jan. 25–Feb. 5

Celebrate the New Year at Nuri Grill, a Koreatown steakhouse, where you can enjoy specialties such as tteokguk (rice cake soup), shrimp pancakes and galbi-jjim (braised short ribs).

Fair Moments

January 22-29

Macarons are an auspicious treat that announces a “sweet” year. Luckily, the Fair Moments macaron shop is offering gift boxes ($15 for six or $25 for a dozen) for the celebration starting Jan. 22 or while supplies last. Similar to the abundance of macaroons encouraged for Lunar New Year, there is also an abundance of flavors to choose from: pandan, red bean, lychee, soursop, matcha, durian and ube.

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