What to know about Jordan’s almond wedding tradition

It is not uncommon to see small white candies on dessert tables, especially at a wedding. But what exactly are these little treats? They’re none other than Jordan Almonds, and it turns out they’re more than just a delicious snack.

“Jordan almonds are almonds covered in a sugary sweet coating,” says Marisa Battaglia, owner of B Sweet Designs. “They come in a variety of colors, but white tends to be the most popular.” These sweets are incorporated into a couple’s wedding day for a variety of reasons, and they can be displayed or distributed in many ways. Up front, Battaglia and pastry chef Erin Emmett explain the history of these treats and offer unique ways to serve them at your wedding.

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The History and Meaning of Jordan Almonds

While it’s possible to just treat Jordan Almonds as a nice candy to add to a dessert table, they also hold significance for some couples. These delicate candies date back to 1350, with literary references to that time.

“For many of our customers who want to honor their heritage, we see it most with Greek or Italian cultures, Jordan almonds seem to be rooted in tradition,” says Battaglia. “We’ve heard of many reasons to incorporate these little treats into a couple’s special day, but ultimately they symbolize best wishes as the couple and their families celebrate the start of their new life together.” As a Greek tradition, Jordan almonds can also be called Koufeta.

Emmett also notes that the candy coating around the raw almond symbolizes sweetening the sometimes bitterness of life, as well as sending hopes and wishes for a sweet future. “Italians traditionally wrap these candied almonds in clusters of five to represent wishes for health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity,” she says. For some, the five almonds also symbolize a number that cannot be halved, much like the bond formed by a newly married couple.

As for the form? Emmett notes that the ovular shape of the almond may also represent fertility. All in all, it is to offer a small symbol to usher in a bright and happy future for the couple.

10 Ways to Serve and Display Jordan Almonds

Wondering how best to incorporate Jordan Almonds into your celebration? Read on for 10 sweet ways to incorporate these meaningful treats into your wedding day.

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