West Plains, Mo. Artist Loses Nearly Hundreds Trying to Sell Painting Online

WEST PLAINS, Mo. (KY3) – A West Plains artist thought she had a buyer for one of her paintings. He was a crook. She almost lost hundreds of dollars. If you sell items online, find out about this scheme.

With each shot, Donna Lay embeds a mark. Painting is his passion. She sells her work on eBay.

“It seemed like a way to publicize my paintings. So other people can see it,” Lay said.

She received a notification. One has been sold.

“I was informed by eBay that she had made a very generous offer of $120,” Lay exclaimed.

The buyer has sent a message, asking to communicate by private e-mail. The buyer said the painting would be a birthday present for his daughter. Lay was instructed to include a $400 gift card with the painting. The buyer would add $415 to their payment. Plus $35 for gas and $50 for shipping.

“I went what? Want me to buy a gift card? And you’re out of the country and you’re gonna send me money for this? Lay asked.

Lay didn’t take the bait.

It is better to ignore or block. The scammers are hoping you will react so they can trick you into tricking you.

“It’s stuff that I paint to try to help people and they turn it into something dirty,” Lay said.

Sellers should not send money. It just doesn’t make sense.

Keep the conversation going on eBay. No need to use private emails.

Beware of gory stories or complicated situations.

Inspect this eBay account. If there is no history and the account was created recently, like that day, that’s a big red flag.

Report these scams to the Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau.

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