We Care: a family needs a gift card to do their shopping | Hometowns

A low-income, hard-working family with a dependent child needs a Walmart gift card to buy groceries and winter clothes. They recently lost their long-standing residence due to the sale of their apartment complex to new owners who intend to complete new construction. This family gathered all their resources and managed to find a new long-term residence, however, this move left them with no money for food and winter clothing. If you can help this family if needed, please contact their Medicaid Case Manager at Partners in Home Care, Leslie Johnson, 406-544-3930.

• A single mother of three, about to turn four, works full time and goes to school part time. She needs help registering her car, which will cost her around $ 260 for permanent labels and registration.

• An elderly woman with a disability needs help getting fuel vouchers to get to and from her appointments. She also needs help paying for her storage unit, which is $ 100.

• A woman with a disability and limited income needs help obtaining exercise equipment for home physiotherapy. She needs $ 150 for everything she needs.

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