Waukesha Wedding Studio Robbed, Similar Incident in Hartland | Waukesha County News

WAUKESHA — Trish Henry, owner of Vital Image Wedding Studios in downtown Waukesha, will be keeping the front door of her business locked for some time as a precaution. On Wednesday, Henry reported a theft from his studio at 251 W. Broadway, Ste. 100.

“I can tell you right now that my door is locked. Normally I would keep it open,” Henry said.

The store generally welcomes walk-in customers due to the fact that many people who live in the area come in as they travel to Waukesha.

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“Believe it, I had a date the day before they booked their wedding and I had one a few weeks ago,” she said. Henry told The Freeman that two women walked into the studio and mentioned that one of them was getting married in September and wanted to discuss studio services.

“It was a last minute wedding, which we’re getting because of COVID,” Henry said.

She brought the two women and was talking with them in another room when one of them had to use the bathroom.

“Of course, there are no public restrooms in downtown Waukesha…so she came back into the room and talked for another five minutes. They made an appointment to come back next week to speak to my sales coordinator,” Henry said.

The women left and later Henry went to get a haircut and noticed that his credit cards, money and driver’s license were missing, including his business credit card.

“Coincidentally, as I was looking through my purse, my phone started exploding with credit card alerts. It wasn’t fun,” she said.

Henry learned that the person who took his credit cards had taken a spree at Target, Costco and charged Sam’s Club $5,000. She was able to cancel her credit cards. The person took all of their Venmo money because it’s not secure.

“I had $120, but that was my tip or when I wanted a treat like downtown and grab ice cream or something,” Henry said.

According to the Waukesha Police Log, a similar incident occurred in Hartland on Wednesday.

Lt. David Daily of the Waukesha Police Department confirmed a theft of items from a purse on Wednesday. Daily said the report was not yet complete and it was unclear whether the people mentioned in the newspaper were the suspects.

“These situations are difficult because you have deliveries and customers coming into the store and you are convinced that this type of activity will not happen. The best prevention would be to secure all valuables, especially items that the company cannot keep a constant eye on. If someone has personal items like credit cards stolen, the business owner did the right thing by immediately canceling all credit cards and notifying the credit bureaus,” Daily said.

Henry said her husband was now working to get surveillance cameras. She requests images from other businesses in the area, but said many don’t open until the afternoon.

Vital Image Wedding Studios has been in Waukesha for three years and Henry has never experienced anything like this.

She added that she moved to downtown Waukesha because of its scenic side. Henry liked the idea of ​​having all the restaurants and lots of traffic.

“I just want them taken. Now I have to lock all my credit cards and worry about someone having my driver’s license and opening my credit cards. It’s very scary to own a business and they stole the business credit card. I could have been slammed,” she said.

For the foreseeable future, Henry plans to be much more careful.

“People need to be on the lookout these days and ages for people saying the right line and the right words to get into your front door. Once they’re there, they have their own agenda,” she said.

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