Watch: Kashmiri couple roast together as part of wedding tradition

A wedding is an important occasion in life marked by festivities, social gatherings, and lots of good food. The whole family comes together to celebrate the union of the couple and to bless them. India is home to many communities and there are different customs and rituals that are part of each type of wedding. But did you know about this interesting Kashmiri wedding tradition involving food? A video of a Kashmiri couple applying the marriage tradition of roasting together has surfaced online. Looked:

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The video was shared on Twitter by @SophiaZarin, a Kashmir-based social media activist. The tradition shown in the video is said to come from a village in Kashmir. In the 20 second clip, we could see the newlyweds doing Roti together. While the bride flattened the dough and put it on the tawa to bake, the groom was in charge of turning it over and making sure the roti was cooked evenly.

So, the idea behind the ritual was that the couple share the responsibility and cooperate in the present as well as in the future. “An old but good tradition in a village where the bride is invited to do a ‘Roti’ on her wedding day and the groom helps her. In this way their married life begins with mutual cooperation and love,” said explained the user in the caption. .

This isn’t the only wedding video to have surfaced on the internet. Recently, we saw several brides on social media enjoying their food on their wedding day. While a bride ate a Pizza McPuff, another enjoyed a chocolate pastry. Click here to learn more about it.

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