Walgreens employee in Stafford foils gift card scam

STAFFORD, Va. (WWBT) — A Walgreens employee in Stafford saved a customer from losing $500 in a gift card scam.

Employee, Sheena Sullivan, was helping a customer purchase a $500 gift card on Wednesday, April 20 when she noticed the customer didn’t know how to send the gift card and who it was for. The client said she won a $3 million Publisher’s Clearinghouse award.

An investigation later revealed that a scammer called the woman and convinced her to go to the store and buy a gift card. The scammer then told her that she would receive her prize after providing her with the gift card number.

Sullivan explained to the client that it appeared to be a fraud and called the sheriff’s office. Fortunately, the client did not lose any money.

Sullivan credits his training at Walgreens, saying the company emphasizes the importance of recognizing scams.

Authorities have yet to identify the scammer.

Sullivan received a Sheriff’s Recognition Coin from Sheriff DP Decatur Friday morning to thank her for being a great community partner in the fight against fraud.

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