Venom: Every Fight in Let There Be Carnage, Ranked

The 2018 release of Venom has not received the best response from critics. Audiences, however, seemed to enjoy the film, as it was a huge box office success. The second part of the series, Let there be carnage brought fans of Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock back to theaters, expecting more action from the symbiote variety.

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Let there be carnage pits Venom against one of its most iconic villains, Carnage. Psychopath Cletus Kasady is joined by his lover, Frances Barrison, also known as Shriek. His presence adds a whole new level of danger to the film, thanks to his sonic screaming ability. But beyond the fight with Carnage and Shriek, Eddie is often his worst enemy, and his conflict with Venom steals the show.

8 Shriek escapes Officer Mulligan to be captured anyway

Naomie Harris as Shriek in Venom 2

Let there be carnage begins with a flashback from 1996. In the scene, Frances Barrison tells Cletus that she is transferring from St. Estes Home for Unwanted Children to the Ravencroft Institute. Frances and Cletus are devastated by the impending separation. The young police officer Patrick Mulligan – who is in charge of the transfer – suffers the full brunt of Frances’ discontent.

On the way to the institute, Frances attacks him using her loud scream. Mulligan shoots her in the eye and believes for many years that she is dead. In reality, she is again captured and taken to Ravencroft, where she is imprisoned in a special cell resistant to her powers.

7 Eddie and Cletus argument lays the groundwork for the tragedies that follow

Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady in Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Nowadays, Cletus Kasady, an imprisoned serial killer, asks to see Eddie Brock and agrees to give him a detailed interview in exchange for him including a specific message. There, the symbiote finds clues to Kasady’s past crimes, allowing Eddie to track down Kasady’s victims and make him a public hero. As a result of Eddie’s actions, Kasady’s execution by lethal injection is given a green light.

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Enraged, Kasady invites Eddie to his execution. The two have a heated exchange, which leads the unstable Venom to lash out at Kasady. In the process, Kasady bites the symbiote, allowing it to inherit Eddie’s powers.

6 Carnage is unleashed during the execution of Cletus

After Eddie leaves, Cletus is tied up and prepared for execution at Saint Quentin State Prison. When he receives the lethal injection, the symbiote now in his body releases the poisonous substance and bonds with the serial killer. Now enveloped in a cocoon of deep purple, Cletus – or better said, Carnage – attacks everyone in its path, unleashing utter chaos. Carnage takes great pleasure in killing the officers, transforms into a deadly tornado, and tears apart the guards before escaping.

5 The conflict between Carnage and Cletus doesn’t spend a lot of screen time, but is incredibly relevant

Venom: Let There Be Carnage poster with Woody Harrelson

The main reason for Venom’s victory over Carnage is the fact that the symbiote isn’t fully in sync with Cletus. During the decisive battle, Carnage is incredibly angered by Frances’ screams and even attacks her. This leads to Cletus actively trying to part ways with the symbiote in an attempt to protect her. This is something that is inconsistent with the story of Carnage in the comics.

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Part of what makes the comic book version of Carnage so dangerous is the fact that his bloodlust matches that of Cletus perfectly. The two have a common goal of triggering as much death as possible on the world. Where Venom always refers to himself and Eddie with a plural – We are Venom – Kasady always says I am Carnage. In that sense, even though the conflict between Carnage and Cletus Kasady doesn’t spend a lot of screen time, it’s very important. Let there be carnageThe shot of Cletus adds depth to Cletus’ personality, as it becomes clearer than ever that his affection for Frances is genuine.

4 Carnage infiltrates Ravencroft to save her lover

After his escape, Cletus runs away and the first thing he does is find his lost lover in Ravencroft. He manages to infiltrate the institute with ease, kills staff members and frees Frances. In the process, Carnage and Frances flee, but they are followed. Cletus uses the symbiote’s abilities to attack their pursuers, much to Frances’ delight. Throughout the showdown, Carnage targets a car and a helicopter, revealing just how destructive he can be.

Frances then unleashes her own power. Its loud howl frightens the symbiote and even makes it threaten. In some ways, Carnage’s attack on the prison guards is more intense, but the emotional depth of Cletus’ reunion with Frances and the symbiote issue with Shriek elevates the scene.

3 Shriek and Mulligan showdown comes with unintended consequences

After setting fire to their old orphanage, Frances and Cletus team up to destroy the targets of their revenge. Carnage tracks down Patrick Mulligan and gives it to Shriek as a wedding present. Meanwhile, Frances kidnaps Eddie’s former fiancée, Anne Weying, to lure Eddie and Venom into the cathedral where the wedding is taking place. Venom and Carnage begin to fight, while Frances expresses her anger at Mulligan.

The confrontation doesn’t end well for the officer, leading viewers to believe Frances viciously killed him. In fact, he survives and is shown at the end with his eyes glowing blue. This may suggest a possible future transformation into Toxin, which is the path her character takes in the comics. Given the feud between Eddie and Mulligan in Let there be carnage, that definitely seems like the direction the franchise can go.

2 The final showdown between venom and carnage is intense

As expected, the decisive battle between Venom and Carnage unleashes a lot of destruction in the Cathedral. Venom doesn’t think he and Eddie can win, but with Anne kidnapped, he has no choice. Adding Shriek’s abilities to the mix makes things more complicated for everyone, not just Venom. Its violent shrill screams hamper Carnage, disrupting the symbiote and also causing the cathedral bell to collapse.

Meanwhile, Venom has allies of its own, with Anne and her new fiance Dan Lewis to back it up. Ultimately, Venom is able to separate Cletus from his symbiote. He devours Carnage, then beheads Cletus. The showdown is intense, but given how important Carnage is to the comics, some fans may think it just wasn’t enough.

1 Venom vs. Eddie fight adds a lot to their character arc

The fight between Venom and Eddie isn’t the most intense battle scene in the movie. It’s more the equivalent of an argument between lovers than anything else. Maybe that’s what makes it so relevant. Irritated after their argument with Cletus Kasady, Venom and Eddie explode at each other because of their differences. Venom is frustrated with Eddie’s refusal to let him eat brain like he’s supposed to, while Eddie is still under a lot of pressure to share his life with a symbiote.

In the end, Venom leaves Eddie and begins to possess other people in the city. He soon discovers that none of his hosts are able to survive him for too long. Meanwhile, Eddie struggles with potentially having to face off against an enemy symbiote without his own symbiote ally. The two are brought together thanks to Anne’s efforts. Their original argument adds a lot to their character arc, and they realize that they are stronger together than apart.

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