Varya shows off expensive gifts sent by a secret fan

After celebrating her 33rd birthday in January, 90 Day Fiancé star Varya Malina received an expensive birthday present from a mystery fan.

Old 90 day fiance Star Varya Malina has revealed the expensive birthday gifts she received from a mystery fan. The Russian native first appeared on the show in 2020 with Geoffrey Paschel. Although she has been away from the small screen for a while, her Instagram followers are growing every day. Varya enjoys interacting with her fans and updating them about her life on social media. Sometimes she also gets weird requests from some of her hardcore fans. Prior to Geoffrey’s arrest, one of Varya’s followers asked him to join him on a trip to Hawaii.

Varya shared the screenshot of the conversation on Instagram, in which she declined the offer as politely as possible. She told the fan that she does not work as an escort. The fan apologized and claimed he was just too excited about his upcoming divorce. Varya didn’t go to Hawaii, but she celebrated her 33rd birthday in San Diego. In January 2022, she flew from Knoxville, Tennessee, to America’s Most Beautiful City. She posted a makeup-free look and showed off her wrinkles, which many 90 day fiance fans thought it was quite inspiring.


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Several weeks after Varya’s birthday, she finally received a bunch of expensive gifts from a 90 day fiance fan. She shared a few Instagram Stories while opening her gift box and showing everyone what she received. In the first story, Varya explained how her wait is finally over as she has received her much awaited “wrapIn the next, the 33-year-old reality star opened the box and wrote, “This is my birthday present from an amazing and very generous personThe box contained freebies such as skating gear, a sealed pack of AirPods Pro, and high-quality pink roller skates.

90 Day Fiancé star Varya Malina

90 day fiance alum Varya revealed that she has yet to meet her admirer who sent her these gifts. The last time she was in San Diego, the secret fan had “exposed to COVID.” In February 2022, Varya shared a video of herself trying to skate for the first time. 90 day fiance fans thought she skated like a pro and complimented her. One fan commented: “Those are crazy ninja skills you have there Varya.Another chimed in,Lmaooo it was amazing only you can almost knock absolutely adorable.“Someone Else Wrote”Keep it up! You will get it! You can do whatever you want if you believe in it.”

Since Varya was interested in skating, maybe that’s why the secret fan sent her skating gear. The idea of ​​receiving birthday presents from a stranger seems strange. But Varya is a popular influencer, and she has die-hard fans who like to pamper her with expensive gifts. Hope Varya loved her gifts and will use them to have a good time. Since 90 Day fiance celeb learns fast, it will be interesting to see if she can become a roller skating pro by her next birthday.

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Source: Varya Malina/Instagram, Varya Malina/Instagram

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