Vanessa Hudgens reveals she communicated with a ghost

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/VF22/WireImage for Vanity Fair

If you have seen Vanessa Hudgens Architectural Summary home visit, you know she loves a good ghost story. When she gave the magazine a tour of her garden, she described it as the place where she and her friends “hang out, light the fireplace and share ghost stories”. But she doesn’t just tell ghost stories, she lives them.

Hudgens opened up about his sixth sense during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, telling the host that while she kept her paranormal sensibilities to herself, she “accepted that I see things and hear things…” The actor went on to say that she got ” many” experiences with spirits and ghosts throughout his life. “I remember I was getting ready for school when I was eight, and there was like – you know [duck toy] what are you shooting? There was one on the dining room table and it just started following me. At the time, she wasn’t exactly thrilled with the experience. “I kind of shut it down for a while, because it’s scary,” she admitted. “The unknown is scary.”

Now that she’s older, Hudgens has decided to come to terms with her ability. “It’s a gift and something I have the ability to do, so I’m going to look into it,” she said. After acceptance, the next step was clear: it was time for his first real “paranormal investigation”. Apparently, Hudgens’ favorite paranormal tool is a “spirit box”, which she described as a device that “scans radio frequencies very quickly” and “something about the electricity it creates allows spirits to speak through it”. With that spirit box by her side, Hudgens said she and her friend went to a cemetery at night and visited a “playful” spirit named Sam. The two turned on the machine, showed up at the spirit, then asked if he could tell them their names. “And then we just hear [static noise] Vanessa,” Hudgens said. “I was like, ‘Cool, do you have anything else to tell me?’ And I just heard, ‘[static noise] Nope.'”

OK, as far as ghost encounters go, it’s pretty non-threatening. It almost makes you want to go to the local cemetery. But before that, Hudgens has some key advice: “You have to tell them to stay because you don’t want them to follow you.” Don’t let the spirit go home with you — noted.

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