This Winter Wonderland photoshoot will make you dream of snow


WWhen Jordan proposed WTAE reporter Elena LaQuatra’s boyfriend, she was totally surprised.

Before they left for dinner one night, Jordan told her he needed to show her something in their living room. There he asked her to marry him, with red roses, champagne and the ring displayed on their table.

“It was just perfect,” says LaQuatra. “I always told him, ‘I’ll know when you plan the proposal. You can’t hide it from me. I know you too well. We’ve been together for five and a half years now. … I’m shocked he did. I really had no idea.


LaQuatra said yes, and the couple have been engaged since September 2019. They originally planned to hold their wedding in February 2021 but postponed it until January 2022 due to the pandemic.

“We were getting into the winter months… so I was like, ‘Well, we better take our engagement photos, but it will be winter, and it won’t be sunny until April or May. They should be winter photos, ”she said. “I said, ‘Yes, let’s do it.’ … I felt crazy.

Brittany Elliott, the engagement photographer of the couple who own Brittany Lee Photography, didn’t think the idea was crazy at all. She has been a photographer for almost 11 years and loves working outdoors.

“I don’t mind the cold,” said Elliott. “I choose to sit outside and hunt in the freezing cold at five in the morning.”

They decided to hold the photoshoot at Jordan’s family camp in Erie.


At first the couple weren’t sure what to wear, but LaQuatra knew she wanted to do something “a little glamorous” for the photoshoot.

“[Jordan] I felt like I was going to choose some nice, warm, normal outdoor winter clothes, ”says LaQuatra,“ and I’m like, ‘I’m going to wear a red dress and you are going to wear a suit. “


LaQuatra loved the red Sherri Hill dress she wore, but it left most of her arms and shoulders exposed. Elliott says she works fast and the shoot didn’t take long, but it can be difficult to get a good shot of someone if they’re really cold because their nose and cheeks are red.

“We would rush out of the car, then walk back to the car to warm up in the heat,” says Elliott.

“We were frozen,” LaQuatra says. “Our noses were running and our teeth were chattering. I mean, it was so, so cold I was like, “Oh my God, I hope that wasn’t a bad idea.”

This was not the case ; LaQuatra says the photos are so pretty that people have told him they look like they’ve been touched up.

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“I’m so glad they turned out the way they did,” LaQuatra says. “Almost two years later, we still cherish them as much. We have great canvas print [from the shoot] hung in our house. We’re so glad we made a unique engagement photo idea.

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