This 1930s Spanish casita in Los Angeles has undergone a wild and whimsical makeover

In an upstairs boudoir of a 1930s Spanish house in Silver Lake sits a chair that once belonged to all of the big little lies. Of course, the theatrical setting isn’t just a coincidence – it’s a subtle nod to its actor owners, Barbados-born Deidrie Henry Dickerman (also a writer and activist) and creative life coach Douglas Dickerman, whose wild and whimsical signature extends far beyond the bedroom seats. “But it wasn’t always so pretty, and finding Faith was the big adventure,” Deidrie laughs.

It would be Faith Blakeney– founder and designer of her eponymous interior design company – whom the couple found after a chance Instagram exchange with the wrong Blakeney. “I think I first saw one of his beautiful drawings while looking through magazines at the library. It was his sister, by Justine kitchen,” recalls Deidrie. “There was just something incredibly bold and vibrant about it. Of course, at the time, I thought Justina was the designer, and I messaged her directly on Instagram. She replied in thanking me for the compliment, but pointing out that the designer was actually her sister, Faith, and that I should call her. When they met, Faith says their synergy was instantaneous. The project just naturally took off. flight.

BEFORE: The original foyer did not have a dedicated shoe storage unit – an important consideration for the Dickermans, who follow a no-shoes policy inside.

AFTER: “My favorite new addition is the shoe rack by the front door. I like shoes to be taken off before entering, and it’s always incredibly hard to find shoe storage that looks this good. Faith created such a beautiful piece that I smile every time I see it,” says Deidrie. The oversized oxidized copper pendant is from Mix the furniture; the custom shoe cabinet was custom designed by Faith Blakeney Design Studio; the poof is Anthropology.

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For Faith, it was important that the house’s Spanish style heritage remain its crowning glory. “It also helped set the stage for a lot of warm colors, patterns and art,” she notes before Deidrie chimes in. “I showed him pictures of what I wanted and wasn’t surprised when we laughed together that most of the pictures I ‘hearted’ were his work,” Deidrie adds. the brief was, in a nutshell, brief, in terms of describing what I like.” In an effort to dial in the pizzazz, each space was designed and decorated with different shapes and finishes, promising new surprises around every corner. The entry hall, for example, hosts a custom shoe cabinet inspired by a vintage white and cherry dresser that takes its hat off to the same tone window trim.Moroccan tile alcoves dazzle in the bathroom. bath and Roman clay walls breathe fresh air into the master bedroom.And the boudoir – with its gorgeous wallpaper of gold filigree palm trees, dusty pink chair and teal dressing table – could easily have fallen from a Old Hollywood locker room.

AFTER: “In the boudoir, we wanted to pay homage to old Hollywood,” says Faith.
AFTER: “In the boudoir, we wanted to pay homage to old Hollywood”, says Faith. “We’ve created a kind of ladies’ cove for her makeup, creams and accessories.” Walls are adorned with gold filigree wallpaper, tropical palm trees, and built-in storage units lurk here and there. “One of the biggest challenges – as with most old Spanish homes – was storage, so we found ourselves creating bespoke furniture and pieces with lots of concealed storage.” The vanity chair, from Vintage sunbeamonce belonged to all of big little lies. The drawer pulls are Anthropologieand the mirror is a jewel of Jungalow.

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The living room, however, is the ultimate cabinet of curiosities. Here, pristine white walls showcase the original architecture and custom reclaimed wood shelving serves as a piece de resistance. wedding present – who desperately deserved a home. “Now the cart accompanies us to our famous Crab Shacks backyard parties and quietly returns to its place when not in use,” says Douglas, confessing that the living room and backyard are likely his everyone’s favorite spaces because “they are suitable for both intimate parties and fun get-togethers.

AFTER: With Roman clay walls, a custom headboard by Faith Blakeney Design Studio, and a custom console table tall enough for the Dickermans' dog, Walnut, to sleep in comfort, the bedroom is a Mediterranean-inspired bolthole.  The walls bear a painting by Portola, the hanging sconces are by Palecak and the pillows are by Jungalow and Parachute Home.  The console lamp is also a Jungalow find.
AFTER: With Roman terracotta walls, a custom-made headboard signed Faith Blakeney Design Studio, and a custom console tall enough for the Dickermans’ dog, Walnut, to sleep comfortably, the bedroom is a Mediterranean-inspired bolthole. The walls bear a painting of portolathe pendant sconces are Palecakand the pillows are Jungalow and Parachute Home. The console lamp is also a Jungalow find.

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Over the years, the Dickermans have collected many works of art and decorative objects. “They had so many beautiful pieces and needed help displaying them in all their glory,” Faith notes, adding that much of the furniture already belongs to the couple. “Faith was amazing at finding and finding the perfect items. What she couldn’t find, she custom-made,” Deidrie shares.

For Douglas and Deidrie, both practicing Buddhists, the house serves as a spiritual oasis away from the fanfare and limelight of set life. “I believe we’ve exceeded our vision for our first home,” says Douglas. Deidrie totally agrees: “I knew I needed someone who could bring out the beauty and uniqueness that lived in the bones of our home. Faith really hit the bullseye.

BEFORE: The original bathroom wasn't exactly the busiest place in the world.

BEFORE: The original bathroom wasn’t exactly the busiest place in the world.

AFTER: Faith gutted the bathroom shell in an attempt to reincarnate her spirit.
AFTER: Faith eviscerated the shell of the bathroom in order to reincarnate its spirit. “Deidrie and Doug wanted to go a little wild and go for a moody Moroccan vibe,” says Faith, who opted for bohemian green and yellow tile. of the Elite tileunlacquered brass accents and a whitewash finish from Sydney Harbor Paintings for the walls. “For the vanity, we were initially looking for something simpler, but when we came across this hand carved chest of drawers Mix the furniture, we chose to go there and recycle it into a nice bathroom unit. What was originally a yellowish wood has been bleached into a beautiful cream. The bathroom also features a stone sink of Signing materialpush button lights and switch plates of Rejuvenationsconces of Lightologya mirror of Etsyand a planter Jungalow.

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