The Young Person’s Guide to Cream Tea

According to a national survey conducted earlier this year by the Bakkavor-owned brand, legendary fruitcakes, carrot cakes and even scones (however pronounced) also need a makeover.

Fortunately for The Delicious Dessert Company, eclairs with cream are still very present, as well as donuts. The brand was launched in 2021 to capitalize on the surge in demand for treats during lockdown, with 75% of Britons regularly indulging in the spirit boost, and 14% seeking a cream éclair.

He said, however, that young consumers now want to explore novelty and are back to looking for more intense flavors (like miso caramel, matcha, chilli), exotic numbers (like pomelo) and ingredients. carefully researched (bring the superfruits).

“What this research shows is that while the habit of afternoon tea persists – and traditional staples are undoubtedly still popular with older people – the younger generation is becoming increasingly more demanding on the sweets she wants to enjoy”,said Claire Smith, Manager of Insight at The Delicious Dessert Company.

The top 10 British icons that need a makeover

1. Fruit cake

Since ancient Roman times, this dense, fruit-rich cake has topped the list of most boring cakes for 33% of under-35s. This view is not shared by northerners, with only 15% of the same age group rejecting the traditional Dundee Scottish cake.

2. Victoria Sponge

Made popular by Queen Victoria who savored a slice a day, this light and airy delicacy is considered dull by 27% of young people – but remains popular with those over 55.

3. Carrot cake 28%

Surprise call, especially among the health conscious, carrot cake also faced the cutlet with just over a quarter of respondents.

4.Scones 26%

Although no one agrees on how to pronounce them, whether the cream teas are Cornish or Devonian, or even if it’s jam topped with cream or the other way around, scones have had their day. for more than one in four young Britons.

5. Madeira Cake24%

6. Slice of vanilla 22%

7. Apple turnovers ​ 18%

8. Battenburg​ 16%

9. Dundee Cake​ 15%

10. Bakewell Pie ​ 15%

Donuts and eclairs did extremely well, with 86% of under-35s approving of these treats. They’re also a favorite among the over-55s, with a whopping 94% admitting to indulging whenever the need arises.

End the old, make way for the new

Smith reiterated that the company’s survey revealed a strong shift towards more exotic and intense flavors among younger people.

“The Delicious Dessert Company brings the same philosophy to cakes and sweet treats”,she says.

“Our goal is to reinvent traditional staples and our first three flash products have already surpassed one million packs sold. As we count down to summer, we have an all-new line of scrumptious desserts on the way, with an exciting twist that will bring some exciting taste sensations back to summer gatherings.

The Delicious Dessert Company has injected an exciting twist into traditional new generation favorites. Its loaded eclairs – Strawberries & Cream, Sticky Toffee and Triple Chocolate – are available from Sainsbury’s and Tesco stores across the UK for an RRP of £2.

But as summer approaches, the company’s flavourists and chefs have dreamed up new dessert innovations and soon there could be a fruity one, a creamy one, and maybe even a crazy one.

“As we count down to summer, we have a whole new range of scrumptious desserts on the way, with an exciting twist that will bring exciting taste sensations back to summer gatherings,”said Smith.

Watch this place.

Fun facts

Fruitcake was the cake of choice for weary soldiers through the ages, not only for its sturdiness and long shelf life, but also for its nutritional value – teeming with many fruits that would not be available in the midst of war.

Queen Victoria was famous for serving fruitcakes not only to celebrate her wedding, but also on her birthdays. The world record for largest Victoria sponge in the Guinness Book of World Records for largest Victoria sponge was set in 2017 by a Dorset baker. The cake weighed 50 stone, contained 350,000 calories and fed over 100 people. a forklift was used to move the boxes in and out of the giant oven.

Madeira Cake is often thought to originate from Madeira due to its name, but it actually has a more alcoholic origin – taking its name from the wine it was traditionally associated with.

Eclairs were first popularized in the 19andcentury – translation from French to mean “lightning”, following the glittering glaze that looked like lightning.

The popularity of carrot cake is said to have originated from World War II, when sugar was rationed and bakers and housewives needed another way to sweeten cakes.

The saying “carrots will help you see in the dark” is often used by parents to encourage children to eat their vegetables, but there seems to be a deeper origin. The British Ministry of Food actually devised this campaign in the 1940s to encourage adults to find inventive ways to include the humble carrot in their diet.

Although their specific origin remains unknown, donuts have been around for centuries. In fact, there is even mention of ‘cakes kneaded with oil, fine flour, fried’ in the Bible.

Battenburg is another cake that has its origins in the royal family, created as a wedding gift for Queen Victoria’s granddaughter, Princess Victoria and Prince Louis of Battenburg.

The Bakewell pie, which originated in the UK, was actually created by mistake. A cook got the owner’s instructions wrong on how to make a jam pie. Instead of combining the marzipan and eggs into the batter as directed, the cook spreads the mixture on top of the pie. Fortunately, it proved popular and became an iconic British cake.

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