The world’s leading gift card exchange celebrates its second anniversary with over 200,000 users

SINGAPORE, June 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Tbay, the world’s leading gift card exchange, celebrated its second anniversary. During this year’s anniversary celebration, users can not only earn money and digital assets through the redemption of gift cards in a safe, stable and efficient way, but also get reward points. reward worth up to $500.

Tbay is a global cross-border e-commerce platform that was founded just 2 years ago and has grown to over 200,000 users, with an effective monthly GMV over 100,000,000. The rapid growth of a business is due to the support and trust of its customers. Most Tbay users are now in Europe and America, as well as many African countries such as Nigeria. Based in the above regions, Tbay is expanding its business to other parts of the world.

Tbay’s safe and efficient trading model provides excellent trade protection. The reason why Tbay is very popular in the world is not only that its existence avoids brokerage, thus reducing the cost considerably, but also that it helps to close deals quickly and make a point-to-point transaction in a way directly via a complete digital ecosystem. .

“I used to use other platforms, but my trading was having problems on all of them. However, my trading is never wrong on Tbay. Also, I can get bigger and sustainable income here, and my life is getting better, Tbay is by far the best app. I’m totally honest about my feedback,” said Peter, a user from the UK, with great enthusiasm. According to Peter, Tbay publishes always an updated version in time, so that users can always enjoy the world’s advanced technical experience. He says, “I have to praise Tbay’s customer service. They always dispel my doubts wholeheartedly with great patience.”

Tbay technical team, deeply involved in the development of internet software and blockchain encryption technology for more than ten years, insists on developing new techniques in response to critical market demand to ensure safe trading. . Technology changes lives. On the path to growth, Tbay stays true to its original aspiration and achieves its dream of becoming an industry leader. On its second anniversary, Tbay launches many promotions to reward users for their commitment to Tbay.


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