The wedding has been postponed – do I need to buy a new gift?

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Hi Caroline,

I sent a gift for a wedding which was due to take place in May 2020 but is now rescheduled for May 2022. I noticed that the couple had added new things to their registry. Should I send another gift?

Thank you,

The guest goes bankrupt


Hello Guest!

That’s a big NO! You have already sent a gift for the wedding, which you were unable to attend because the wedding was postponed for two years. It is not a separate event or celebration. You have already checked this box.

As for the couple adding more items to their ledger, why do you keep checking ?! No judgment anyway, but I think you can add undue stress to yourself by being busy with the status of their marriage registry after you’ve already sent a gift. Done ✔️ and done ✔️.

Stop looking at their registry! It’s for people who haven’t had time to send a gift.

I know the wedding industrial complex has driven us all nuts over the past decade, not least thanks to social media, but you have to stay sane.

Good luck,


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