The Queen wore this sweet reminder of Prince Philip during an event at Buckingham Palace

Immediately after Prince Philip’s death, Queen Elizabeth entered a two-week period of mourning, per ABC News. Around the same time, she struck her 95th birthday. Despite the difficult circumstances, Elizabeth issued a statement thanking the public for their continued support. “I have, on my 95th birthday today, received many greetings messages, which I very much appreciate,” she said in a statement, via ABC News. “As we as a family live through a time of great sadness, it has been a comfort to all of us to see and hear the tributes to my husband from those in the UK, the Commonwealth and around the world. “

Mourning or not, the busy lives of members of the royal family continued. And it looks like Elizabeth is fully reintegrated into society. The Commonwealth Games, formerly called the Empire Games, are held every four years, for City Country. The participating countries and territories have colonial ties to Great Britain, such as Australia, Canada, India and South Africa.

The 2021 baton includes high-tech tools like a “360-degree camera and atmospheric sensors” and a personal message from the Queen that a participant will read aloud during the opening ceremony, according to the Associated press. While Queen Elizabeth is likely still mourning the loss of her husband, the stint was surely a welcome change of pace.

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