The period ends the sentence. 4 years of dated stamps.

The presumption of innocence was easier. How to prove that you are not pregnant, but also not guilty of abortion. How to prove nothing happened?
Forget the spice rack as a wedding gift……Texas bride needs a gauge shelf holder to store her documented date stamps used as no evidence of pregnant timing for four years defending against Texas kavanaugh peekaperv law.

Does anyone remember Comstock’s Laws? It was even illegal to mail reproductive information, let alone condoms. Yes, American citizens have been imprisoned. (No vote by mail? See an echo pattern?) Why was DeJoy placed to interfere with the mail?

Consent is required to contract free labor. (Texicans used fake contracts to defraud Mexico that they deliberately kept illiterate

slaves you see with your lying eyes consented in writing to work freely.) Otherwise, unpaid labor is slavery. Mexico won freedom from Spain and does not allow slavery. So our “Alamo heroes” were mostly losers and slavers……another big lie.

Forced childbirth is nine months of reckless endangerment. Unless mom has consented in writing and is paid, Texas forced childbirth law is “service theft” in my humble opinion. The uprooting of bodies is brutality.

JUSTICE HANDMAID said that throwing away unwanted babies makes forced birth acceptable. Simply place them on the threshold of a “shelter”. We, the taxpayers, will be delighted that you have increased the destructive population explosion on our planet… NO.

Even birds have enough brains to reduce the population of nests when resources are too scarce.

May we ask if this is how they “honor your mother?”

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