The man’s excuse for the missing wedding ring? The dog ate it. Whatcom MPs weren’t buying it

July 3—Any teacher will tell you that the old “dog ate my homework” excuse will get you nowhere. Turns out it doesn’t work for missing alliances either.

The Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man suspected of stealing a wedding ring, then blamed the dog for eating it.

The Whatcom County District Attorney’s Office charged 20-year-old Francis James Day IV with first-degree trafficking and second-degree robbery. Whatcom County Jail records show Day was arrested by the sheriff’s office on Monday, June 27, and released later that day.

On Nov. 2, deputies received a report from a Whatcom County landlord that his wedding ring had been stolen, according to Whatcom County Superior Court documents.

The victim reported that she and her husband had left their home for a week-long trip, according to documents, and before leaving the victim recalled taking off her ring and leaving it in a dish on the kitchen window sill.

When he returned from the trip, the victim discovered that the ring was missing, according to documents. After thoroughly searching the house, she called 911. The victim showed deputies a photo of the ring, which the documents said was separate.

The victim’s sister was residing in the house at the time, according to documents, but the victim did not believe she had anything to do with the ring’s disappearance.

The sister reported that Day visited while the victim was gone, and the victim asked her about the missing ring, but Day denied having any idea what happened to her, according to court documents.

Deputies spoke to Day, and he told them he remembered the victim showing him the ring a few weeks earlier, but documents say he was adamant he hadn’t taken it. the ring, even suggesting that the couple’s dog may have moved or even eaten the ring.

But on June 22, deputies learned that Day had pawned the wedding ring, according to documents, and five days later Days admitted to taking the ring and attempting to pawn it a few months later.

Deputies seized the ring, which was worth $5,000, and returned it to the victim, documents show.

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