The Kardashians Recap Season 2 Episode 7

The Kardashians

What’s more American than Marilyn Monroe?

Season 2

Episode 7

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It’s True’s 4th birthday party, and like every 4-year-old’s dream, the theme is pastels. Not Minions, not mermaids, but pastels – I hope she chose it herself and is just obsessed with color schemes. Unfortunately, Aunt Kim and Kourtney didn’t get the pastel memo and showed up in neon orange and black, respectively.

Tristan isn’t wearing pastel either, which isn’t there at all because he just happens to have had a match that day – which doesn’t seem like a coincidence. In fact, Khloé says the two haven’t seen each other in person since before Christmas, just as the scandal broke. Even though he couldn’t make it, Kris pulls Khloé aside and says he called her to let her know he was privately handling the expenses for the party. By private, he apparently means talking to Khloé’s mom and having her say it on TV. While Khloé appreciates the gesture, it’s not happening on her watch: “I don’t need anyone’s help.”

Kris, for her part, seems a little too pally with Tristan, who you might recall is the series’ antagonist. But she’s probably desperate to smooth things over wherever she can in their chaotic lives – the party of which is a nice respite. This episode alone, they deal with the Met Gala, Kourtney’s wedding planning, and Blac Chyna’s impending trial.

First on that to-do list is the Met — which Kim has big plans for. Originally, she was just going to ignore it because she couldn’t understand how she could top last year’s outfit, Balenciaga’s all-black outfit that made her look like her own shadow. But then inspiration struck: “What’s more American than Marilyn Monroe?” It’s a rhetorical question, but I think we all know the answer would be the Statue of Liberty costumes from Miss Conviviality. These, of course, are too historic to be loaned.

Easier to track down was the dress Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to JFK, now in the possession of Ripley’s Believe It or Not, who were more than happy to work with Kim and let her try it on . Kim has long been fascinated by Marilyn, and you can tell how excited she is about the idea. “She transformed into this complete icon, and now everyone on the planet knows who she is. Lots of respect,” she says, holding back a smirk and refraining from saying, “Just like me!

But before she can try out the original, she experiments with a replica. She assures us that she has a shape-shifting ability that allows her to fit clothes no matter what measurements are suggested on paper – and of course the replica not only fits her but is even a little big on she. One big caveat: the replica is expandable, unlike the original. Kim mentions this in passing, and I feel like it’s a pretty big accolade, but nonetheless, she considers it a win for now.

In Palm Springs, Kylie makes her own plans for the Met, deciding at the last minute that she will attend the gala in support of fashion label Off-White and the recently deceased designer Virgil Abloh. Moving away from the mermaid dresses she’s worn in recent years, her look is very reminiscent of a wedding dress, which she’s a fan of. But once she slips on the accompanying white snapback hat, it transforms into an Avril Lavigne-themed wedding dress, which, against all odds, she’s always in.

Something that is becoming a staple of this show is the online post-scandal lunch. It’s a way for the family to debrief on headlines that wouldn’t otherwise have naturally made it into the series – like the spinoffs of the Variety interview, or, in this case, Kim Photoshopping True in Disneyland Photos.

Having lunch at a restaurant like this might actually be one of the most normal things we see this family do – until Kim walks around dressed as the chic Guy Fieri, reminding us that nothing is wrong. is normal. And speaking of things that aren’t normal, Kim tells us why she photoshopped one of her nieces over another niece in her Instagram photo.

She tells us she has a neatly curated grid, with a pink and blue color scheme, and that she really wanted to post this photo of Stormi and Chi at Disneyland – but Kylie, not wanting photos of Stormi at the time, vetoed. So Kim did what anyone would do: she Photoshopped True’s face onto Stormi’s body so she could post the picture anyway! And of course, she was officially exposed when Khloé accidentally posted about True’s “first time” at Disneyland a few months after the fake photos were published.

Personally, I think this is the funniest scandal the Kardashians have ever been involved in. I think that’s genius, and I’ll follow that example in the future. How many times have we all been banned from posting a photo we look good in just because someone else looks bad? Sufficient! As of now, I’m just bad Photoshopping True Thompson above anyone who doesn’t want the photo posted and posting it anyway.

During lunch, Kim gets a call from their lawyer about the Blac Chyna case, which she has no problem handling (confirming my theory that all the other diners in these restaurant scenes are extras paid). In a confessional, Khloé gives us a brief explanation on the case“She says the Rob and Chyna The show didn’t get a second season because we interfered in it…not because they weren’t a couple anymore,” she says with a wink.

From their perspective, the case seems so open and closed — after all, how do they expect to film a show together when she got a restraining order against him? To be fair, Kylie is filming most of this show at least 100 feet away from her sisters, so maybe they could make it work. But although they are confident about the facts of the case, they fear leaving their fate in the hands of 12 random jury members who might hate them. “Nobody hates us, Khloé!” Kourtney jokingly assures that her absolutely lightweight sister is one of the few unnamed sisters in the lawsuit.

“I haven’t been to a trial since I was 14,” Kim says, alluding to the OJ trial, in case you’ve forgotten. So you can understand why they’re not so quick to trust a jury.

The whole family flies to Palm Springs for Easter, matching pajamas included courtesy of Kris, and does what any other family does for Easter: they talk about their Met Gala plans. Kim tells her sisters that, believe it or not, Ripley put an end to the Marilyn dress idea after the original didn’t fit on her hips during a fitting. So as of now she’s not going and has major FOMO. But she hasn’t totally given up hope just yet, she has three weeks to shapeshift a bit more to try her luck. What follows is the closest thing reality TV has ever seen Rocky workout montage, as Kim trains rigorously, eats clean, and cuts out the sugar in a last ditch attempt to fit the dress.

Kourtney has a major dress fitting herself, though hers is a lot less stressful. She tells us that she and Travis decided to redirect the energy they were putting into having a baby into wedding planning – putting IVF on hold because of the physical and mental cost it’s costing her. So their only goal is marriage, and the couple fly from LA to Milan for the fitting of their dress and tuxedo. Although they have friends and stylists, the family cannot come because they unfortunately have to appear in court.

They arrive at the hotel in their matching red leopard pajamas, and the room is decorated, even including a photo of them from their last trip to Italy on the bedside table. It might just be me, but if I arrived at a hotel and there was a framed photo of me sitting there, I would just assume someone was there to murder me. Kravis does not share my concern, and soon they leave for the private offices of Dolce & Gabbana. Apart from Dolce & Gabbana being wildly problem, this whole ordeal is also very boring. It perfectly recreates the childhood feeling of being dragged around while your mother wanders around Kohl’s. But Hulu paid to send a film crew to Italy, so we’re getting these footage whether we like it or not.

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