The Chaiwala project drops the Diwali gift box

This is not a drill! Catch them before he’s gone. The Chaiwala project has just announced the release of the ultimate Diwali package. The local brand will only produce 450 exclusive collectible boxes with a unique design for Diwali. This one is perfect for gifting and a wonderful addition to celebrations, the box is filled with organized festive offers. Available to order between October 26 and October 30 with free shipping to guests between October 31 and November 4 to prepare for this joyous occasion.

Project Chaiwala, the famous local concept for bringing together the nostalgic charm of the Chai, street culture and traditional recipes in modern UAE in the best possible way. Bring this heartwarming practice of the Perfect Chai Cup to your celebrations this year with this beautifully designed Diwali Box by Dubai-based Lebanese artist Nourie Flayan. She created a visual treat with her illustrations by merging the signature style with the Project Chaiwala brand to create a unique aesthetic. His creative influence is visible through the iconography of the beautifully crafted card game and the detailed art of the intricate designs of the ever famous Indian tiger and lotus in the limited edition box.

Project Chaiwala Diwali Edition Box – Buy for 325 AED

Each exclusive limited edition box of Project Chaiwala Diwali is filled with:

  • 10 highly coveted sachets organic loose tea in 2 unique flavors of Maghrebian mint and jasmine. The 2 flavors of tea come from a tea garden owned by a woman; Nuxalbari Tea Estate packaged in biodegradable pyramid tea bags.
  • Each purchase of this box will give you the first chance to try Project Chaiwala’s new Karak and Masala 3-in-1 pre-mixed mix. Developed using in-house blends, you can now live the Project Chaiwala experience in the comfort of your home or on the go. Pour the instant mixture into hot water, stir and crack.
  • No Diwali is complete without yours candle. Developed by social partner Innara, the candle uses pure soy wax without additives poured into recycled concrete pots. The Rajnigandha (aka tuberose) fragrance evokes the spirit of the festival. The fragrance is also phthalate and chemical free.
  • Nothing screams Diwali nights and festivities like a custom card game, each of the 52 cards has personalized Diwali artwork printed on it. This limited edition set will make sure your table is the brightest. Our Chaiwalas and Chaiwalis as Kings and Queens, giving you all the luck you need this year!

“The Chaiwala project has always been a favorite among Indian and Emirati street culture for its karak. Synonymous with authentic organic ‘Chai’ made for real people. This limited edition Diwali box filled with festive treasures to celebrate the season of togetherness is the best way to show how much you care. said Justin Joseph, co-founder of the Chaiwal project.

It will be the first of many launches for the brand, made exclusively for a true collector; these drops will be an amalgamation of art, design and cellar! Only a few available for purchase for each customer can be assured that this is definitely not your over-the-counter work of art.

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