The bride plays Genshin Impact on the wedding day to do her dailies

A bride shared a funny image of herself performing Genshin Impact the big day of her wedding. The dedication to Genshin Impact was also mirrored by other players, showing how important the game is to its fans.

Genshin Impact, like many other online gacha games, has a form of premium currency that can be purchased by exchanging real money or grinding certain missions and tasks. It’s a slow and steady climb to earning premium in-game currency, and it’s part of what makes it important not to miss out on available daily tasks.


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This was the case at momo6548’s wedding, and she shared an image of herself fully dressed for her ceremony while playing the game. wedding. Further down in the comments, she explains that due to the nature of her wedding dress, physical movement was somewhat restricted, so to sit and play Genshin Impact was a perfect way to pass some time (and probably reduce nervousness) before the ceremony began.

Fans in the comments were quick to praise momo6548, congratulating her on the wedding while praising her dedication to the game. Many said they had similar experiences with the title, with one bride expressing that she had also played Genshin Impactwhile another user was talking about playing Smash Bros. with their best man in the final hours before the wedding. Another suggested that if they had been there they would have given the new couple gift cards to buy in-game money.

Daily dedication to games like Genshin Impact, especially for those who don’t want to spend money on Primogems, is a necessity, though some might overlook it if they had a big day like this. However, other players have shared similar photos in the past of themselves or their loved one playing. Genshin Impact while waiting for the wedding to begin. Luckily, dailies don’t usually take too long to complete, although momo6548 mentioned that they don’t have time to use their resin.

Genshin Impact took the world by storm upon its release, and it has yet to show any signs of slowing down. With new characters being added to the game all the time, there’s usually a good reason to earn Primogems for every player. Once Genshin Impact is finally releasing for the Switch, its popularity could grow even further, so it’s likely this won’t be the last photo fans will see of something like this.

Genshin Impact is now available for Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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