The Ankeny couple renews their vows on the “Today” show for their 51st birthday

Emory and Helen Westcott were unable to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary last year due to COVID-19 – but their 51st anniversary made national television.

The Ankeny couple renewed their vows live on “Today,” a nationwide broadcast on Tuesday morning.

Hoda Kotb, host of “Today” and wedding officiant, led the ceremony, which took place in “Today” plaza in New York City, which the show had turned into a wedding gazebo for the event.

The couple made heartfelt wishes in front of the studio audience.

“Helen, I make you a new promise – but not that new,” Emory said, “Today” reported. “A new husband – but not so new. A new affirmation of love – from the heart that has loved you for over 51 years and will love you as much as God grants us.”

As well as providing a venue, the show also gave the couple a few more surprises: As they prepared for the ceremony, the show’s hosts brought out the Westcott’s grown children, Chris, Cathy and Amy, whom they had not seen since 2019.

Meteorologist and host Al Roker also gave them a second gift: a honeymoon trip to Napa Valley, Calif., Courtesy of the show’s sponsor, Mastercard. Above all, the Westcottos said they were happy to share the joy of their marriage and make new memories with each other, family and friends.

“Our wedding was a special day, but our wedding was 51 years of memories and special moments. We went from the innocence of a young love to the reality of growing old together,” Helen told her husband in the ‘program. “We don’t know what the future holds, but anyway, I promise you my undying love.”

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