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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought uncertainty. Each day brings a new question to answer about a new concern. A new concern about daily life and going to school.

The certainty for us at Dr. Norman W. Crisp Elementary School, as we learned and appreciated during the pandemic, was tangible in the love and support of many Nashuans.

The Dr. Crisp School community would like to take this opportunity to express their thanks and gratitude to the members of the Nashua community. We are so lucky because whenever our students or families need help, Nashua steps in and provides whatever they can. We would like to thank the following organizations and citizens for always being there when Dr. Crisp needs help, especially during the pandemic:

• End 68 Hours of Hunger helps throughout the school year and summer to provide food and school supplies for our families.

• Nashua Salvation Army and Nashua Soup Kitchen & Shelter provide clothing, food, school supplies, furniture, emergency funds, shelter referrals and Christmas support.

• Rivier University provided several Thanksgiving baskets and turkeys for our families.

• Arlington Street Community Center donates food, clothing, school supplies, year-round free events, Halloween costumes, Christmas trees, gifts and coats for car seats.

• The Nashua Police Athletic League provided school snacks, winter coats, bicycles and Christmas support as well as school supplies.

• St. Joseph’s Hospital provided a school snack and help for Christmas.

• Grow Nashua set up and helped run our garden project, providing all the necessary items.

• Well Church provided school supplies, welcome baskets for our staff, donations to fund student activities (field trips) and helped us clean up our grounds each fall and spring.

• The Nashua Presbyterian Church provided homework packages for first grade each year.

• Arlington Street Methodist Church provided school supplies and support for Christmas.

• United Way of Nashua provided “hot spots” and Chrome books during the height of the pandemic and tremendous support for our teachers with “surprise bags”, positive greetings at the door and school supplies for their classrooms.

• The Unitarian Universalist Church sent us warm winter clothes for our children.

• Pratt Place donated 70 sleeping bags to keep our children warm and safe.

• Finally, retired staff members return year after year to help collect food, sort clothes and donate to our families’ needs.

Each year, Dr. Crisp Elementary carries out a donation project for our community. It’s a small way to say thank you for the love and support we receive throughout the year. This year, our student council decided on a project, called birthday-in-a-box. The council assigned each grade level a birthday item to collect, and the council prepared packages to donate to the Salvation Army in Nashua with handmade birthday cards.

• Nursery “Saved the Love in Nashua” with gift wrapping supplies.

• Level 1 “Nashua happily decorated” with items like balloons, party hats, streamers.

• 2nd year “Brighten a Smile in Nashua” with birthday candles.

• 3rd year “Sprinkled with Nashua in Kindness” with containers of nuggets.

• Level 4 “Spread Joy to Nashua” with containers of icing.

• Level 5 “Mixing Nashua with Happiness” with boxes of cake mix.

Thank you, Nashua, for always being there to support Dr. Norman W. Crisp Elementary School!

Cherrie Fulton is principal of Dr. Norman W. Crisp Elementary School. She can be reached at [email protected] or 603-966-2100.


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