Taylor Swift sends a gift box with a personal note and a huge bag of goodies to the group of York fans

A University of York society for Taylor Swift fans was amazed when it received a box of goodies and a personal note from the pop megastar.

The university’s SwiftSoc group received sweaters, shirts and hundreds of gifts ahead of their official summer event later this year to mark what has been a successful 12 months. The group caught the singer’s attention and that of hundreds of thousands of people when a TikTok video capturing their reaction after winning Best Society at the University of York awards went viral.

Emily Collinson, the social secretary, explained that a few weeks after the video was posted, the company president received a “very bizarre” message from Taylor’s management team asking how many members there were and how many were. graduates.

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Ms Collinson said: “It was quiet for a while and we speculated what it was about.

“Then we saw that the company at Queens University had received a huge package of goods from Taylor. We were devastated because we thought they might have gotten the wrong university.”

All five members of the SwiftSoc board received jumpers and t-shirts and over 200 gifts were sent for the rest of the members

It turned out that the band had received a huge package from Taylor and her management team, but the band president had kept it a secret until the members had all returned from their Easter vacation. The package included a note from Taylor that read, “Hey University of York Swift Society, sending products as a thank you for your support and also sending a big hug! Love, Taylor.”

The package also included five sweaters and shirts for committee members as well as hundreds of charms, patches and party gear. All items have a “I’m Feeling ’22” theme to reference a Taylor Swift song as well as to mark the graduation year and will be distributed to the 225 members in party bags at the Summer Formal event .

SwiftSoc got a personal note from Taylor Swift with the huge pile of merchandise
SwiftSoc got a personal note from Taylor Swift with the huge pile of merchandise

Ms Collinson said: ‘We opened everything up to the first floor of our library in a small meeting room and then when we came out everyone was looking at us so they must have heard all our screams and excitement inside .

“It was really rewarding for us. It’s stressful to organize all the events, so it’s nice to be recognized and the fact that it’s from Taylor herself is just breathtaking.”

The society currently has 224 student community members and hosts quiz and karaoke nights and recently held its first club night, which hosted over 300 guests. Naturally, many of the parties are Taylor Swift-themed, with a listening party for the reissue of her album Red being held in November.

The company will distribute the merchandise received at an official summer event
The company will distribute the merchandise received at an official summer event

Ms Collinson said: “I think we have such a great group because of the common ground. It’s easy to start a conversation and make friends knowing you like the same music and such a variety of events.

“We try to make it as stress-free as possible by having minimal membership fees and trying to provide people with anything and everything, whether they love Taylor and know all about her or just like a few songs.”

The society was established in 2015 and was considered the first of its kind, while there are now dozens of university societies dedicated to Shake singer across the country.

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