Subway gives A$2,664 gift card to woman fined for half-eaten chicken sandwich at Australian immigration

Winner, winner, chicken sandwich dinner?

Subway helped an Australian TikTok user who was fined AU$2,664 for bringing a half-eaten sandwich to Australia without declaring its contents, flouting the country’s strict biosecurity laws.

The fast food chain gave the woman, Jessica Lee, a gift card for the amount of her fine, she revealed on TikTok.

Lee admitted in a previous TikTok video, “I bought a one-foot subway at Singapore (Changi) airport, because I was a starving girl after my 11 a.m. flight.” She ate half of it, saved the other half and took it back to Perth, but failed to document it on her declaration form.

“I didn’t tick the chicken and I didn’t tick the lettuce. Chicken and lettuce!” she said.

In a new TikTok video posted on July 18, Lee was seen unboxing the Subway gift card along with some goodies from the company.

The video was captioned “Subway makes my fine worth every penny” and its message read “basically free subs for a year”.

A card from Subway said, “We hope this covers all your chicken and lettuce needs.”

“Subway, you’ve outdone yourself. And that fine is worth every penny,” Lee said, after much ooh-ing and ahh-ing about Subway giveaways.

“You can best guess what I’m getting for lunch and dinner tonight,” she added.

Subway had previously hinted that it would help. When Domino’s Australia tagged the sandwich chain saying ‘please make this right’, they replied, ‘Here we are’.

Nice idea compensation or not, hope Lee likes Subway.

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