Starbucks, Amazon and other gift cards get 25% bonus

All gift card hits are included: Airbnb, Apple, Chipotle, GrubHub, Starbucks, Uber and Whole Foods

Gift cards for every occasion for sale


There will be a ton of deals to shop during Amazon Prime Days, from electronics and beauty to Amazon’s own devices (some of which are already discounted). Also included in sales inventory? A ton of gift cards that will be discounted by up to 25%.

You can grab gift cards for yourself or, you know, others, in a variety of categories like food, beauty, fashion, and tech. DoorDash and GrubHub are there, as are Whole Foods and Chipotle. Apple? Yeah. Starbuck? Make it a venti. Uber and Airbnb are also here to make your next vacation a little less taxing on your wallet. There are even Mastercard gift cards if you just want a ton of choice for where you spend. gift card in a black gift box

There’s also a great deal for Prime members who buy Amazon gift cards (and why not you, since you clearly intend to shop on Amazon?). Here’s what happens: Prime members will receive $12.50 in promotional credit with a $50 Amazon gift card purchase, meaning you’ll rack up savings on your next fast-shipping order.

There are a few pitfalls here: Only one promotional credit is allowed per primary Prime email address, so you can’t, say, store $300 worth of cards and also get a ton of promotional credit. Other Notes: You must be a current Prime member to claim promotional credit and be a first-time gift card buyer or top up your balance. You will also need to click “Apply code to your account” on the day and enter the code “GCPRIME22” in the box for gift cards and promotional codes. Two days later, you should see the credit in your account.

Amazon has made it easy for us early shoppers and explorers by already having a directory of over 400 branded gift cards ready to go ahead of Prime Days. Although you can’t get any discounts at this time, you can drop whatever gift cards you want into your cart so they’re ready to go when the sale event kicks off. Whether you’re looking for birthday gift cards or thank yous, or have specific purchases to make, this is a great way to save money on purchases you plan to make anyway.

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