St. Louis County Residents Who Complete Vaccination Process After Saturday Will Receive $ 150 in Groceries and Gas | Coronavirus

To find a list of clinics managed by the county, go to Those without a stable address can call 314-615-0600.

When the more infectious delta variant began to gain a foothold in Missouri in early summer, many rushed to get vaccinated, but the pace has since slowed to some of the lowest levels seen since vaccines were released. become widely available.

A weekly average of 3,350 county residents were receiving vaccines each day on June 9, but the latest data from Sept. 14 shows the average has since fallen to 1,153, where it has hovered in recent weeks, according to the Department of health.

About 58% of county residents have initiated the vaccination, which is the highest percentage in the state, according to state data. Across Missouri, 53% of people have started the vaccination.

“We’re happy to see it higher than the state average, but it’s not high enough,” Page said. “We know we have to do better. The delta variant is still very present in our community, and vaccination is the way to go out of this pandemic. “

The latest data from the county health department also shows significant disparities in vaccination rates, with rates among black residents being 13% lower than among white residents.

The St. Louis County Council approved the gift card incentives on June 29. The legislation was proposed by City Councilor Shalonda Webb, 4th District, to help reduce disparities in immunization rates while providing assistance with necessary food and household items.

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