Somewhere over the double rainbow, dreams come true

Maggie Krause and Connor Allen embrace under Wisconsin’s double rainbow. Credit: Chelsea Matson Photography

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Maggie Krause and Connor Allen met in their sophomore year at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington. Both were enrolled in a required math class and befriended over equations and finite calculations.

Krause graduated in 2013 from Evanston Township High School. She is the daughter of Robert Krause and Nancy Anderson of Evanston, and the late Debbie McHolland Krause, who died in 1996. Allen is the son of Melissa Allen of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, and Shar Allen of Los Angeles.

Krause and Allen remember their first date with humor. “We went to see the movie annabelle, which was a horror movie. It was so bad that if it wasn’t our first date, we would have left,” Allen said. The couple dated exclusively after that and continued dating after college graduation. In 2019, Krause and Allen moved into Oak Park together. At the time, both worked in suburban Chicago, so “living in Oak Park made sense,” Allen said.

When the pandemic hit, Krause was already working remotely for Planet Pharma, where she is a recruiter in the biopharmaceutical industry. Allen now works for sports media company Betsperts Media and Technology Group. He is a writer, primarily focused on the NFL.

Although they were quite young when they first started dating, Krause and Allen knew early on that they were meant for each other. “We talked from time to time about getting married once we moved in together,” she said. “We finally felt after so many years of dating that we were the right age to get married because we had met so young.” Both are 27 years old.

Maggie Krause and Connor Allen exchange vows during their wedding ceremony. The bride’s brother officiated. Credit: Chelsea Matson Photography

“We started dating at 19 and we fit in so well. We always laugh,” Krause said of her relationship with Allen. “The love I saw in other relationships in my family was what I wanted.” She knew, she said, that she “needed to be able to do nothing and be with this person and be completely happy.” She feels like she’s always “with my best friend” when the two are together, she said.

Allen echoes that sentiment. “I would say the best way to describe [the relationship] is that we get along so well and have similar lifestyles,” he said. “We love movies, activities, going out and always being adventurous. We are both capable of flowing back and flowing with each other.

One of Krause’s traditions with his friends is a Christmas holiday gathering. In December 2020, they had arranged to go see the festive lights at Lincoln Park Zoo. When his friends veered off the trail near Fullerton, Allen was on the catwalk waiting for him and proposed there.

“My family and Connor’s mother were literally hiding in a bush to the side,” she recalled. “It’s silly, I didn’t even realize the sky wasn’t dark enough for the zoo lights. It was only late afternoon and it was golden hour. It was just beautiful. Needless to say, she was completely surprised. Allen had shared his proposal plan with Krause’s sister, Allie Kiboi, as well as her parents. “I knew Maggie would be angry if I I was asking permission, so I called her parents to tell them my plan and that I wanted them to be part of the day. I knew she would be thrilled to have them there,” he said. “It was the most romantic thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

Following the proposal, family and friends went to dinner at Piccolo Sogno, then Dawson for drinks with family and friends. “I planned the party after the engagement,” Allen said. The bride quickly corrected him: “Don’t just credit yourself,” she joked, “my friends helped too!” While thinking, she exclaimed, “It was such a good day.”

Allen and Krause at their celebration in Door County, Wisconsin. Credit: Chelsea Matson Photography

When it came time to plan the wedding, the couple had decided on a long engagement. Krause’s family has had a home in Door County, Wisconsin since the 1970s and she and Allen knew that was where they wanted to get married.

“I wanted to introduce other people to my favorite place,” Krause said, describing her fondness for Door County. “And I think Connor likes it too!” she says.

When a new venue opened in the area a while ago, Krause checked out the website and knew she had found the perfect place for their wedding, even though she was still a few years away from getting married. engage. It was “airy, modern and woodsy,” she said.

Krause and Allen tied the knot on July 23 at Northern Haus in Sister Bay, Wis., in front of 140 guests, with Charlie Krause, Maggie’s brother, officiating. A welcome party was held the night before at the Twelve Eleven Wine Bar and Provisions. Flowers for the wedding were provided by Evanston-based Paperwhite Florals, co-owned and operated by the bride’s aunt, Sarah McHolland.

Krause and Allen agree that “first of all, it was a perfect marriage,” Krause said. What they didn’t notice was the downpour that happened during the couple’s ceremony. At its conclusion, they came out and saw an incredible double rainbow. They quickly captured the special moment on film. For this happy couple, dreams come true.

A honeymoon in Portugal and Barcelona followed the festivities.

Allen and Krause currently live in Wicker Park with their dog, Fawn.

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