Solid Waste Authority offers reuse and recycling challenges to area students

UTICA – The Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority will be hosting a pair of fall recycling challenges for youth in Oneida and Herkimer counties. The challenges are designed to help encourage creativity with waste reduction, reuse and recycling.

They understand:

A recycled green Halloween costume contest – with entries expected Tuesday, November 2; and

America Recycles Day Poster Contest – with entries expected Wednesday, November 10;

To celebrate Halloween, the OHSWA is sponsoring a virtual green Halloween costume contest to promote creative reuse and waste reduction.

Anyoneida or Herkimer County resident aged 0-18 can submit a photo of themselves in a homemade Halloween costume made from common household items. Materials for the costume can include paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, plastic bags, mugs, foil… anything that will help bring your costume to life!

Costumes will be judged on creativity, use of recycled / upcycled items in the costume, originality and quality. Costumes purchased instead of handmade will not be considered.

“Over 35 million Halloween costumes are purchased each year in the United States, and many of them are thrown away after just one use. That’s a lot of waste, ”said Samantha Brown, recycling coordinator for the Solid Waste Authority.

The first place winner will receive a $ 250 Amazon gift card. The second place winner will receive a $ 100 Amazon gift card. The winners will be featured on the Authority’s social media pages and website.

Parents and teachers can submit a photo of the participant in their creatively handmade recycled / upcycled costume by emailing [email protected] or direct message to the Authority’s Facebook page ( @AmIRecyclable). Applications must be received no later than Tuesday, November 2. Applications should include the person’s first name, city / town where the participant lives and their age. The winners will be notified on Friday November 5th.

America Recycles Day, to be held on Monday, November 15, is a day to recognize the importance and impact of recycling on preserving our environment as well as on the conservation of energy and natural resources, according to the announcement. of the authority.

The poster competition aims to encourage young people to get creative about ways to reduce, reuse and recycle on a daily basis. The themes for this year’s posters are: Good curbside recycling, reducing food waste and the importance of reuse.

Students can enroll in one of three categories: Grammar (K-6), Junior High (7-9) and High School (10-12). The first place winners in each category will receive a $ 250 Amazon gift card. Second place winners in each category will receive a $ 100 Amazon gift card. Third place winners in each category will receive a $ 50 Amazon gift card.

The winning posters will be professionally printed and displayed at various locations in the region to educate the community. In addition, the Authority will use the posters in its public education program.

Visit the Authority’s website,, for the guidelines for the America Recycles Day poster competition. Posters must be received no later than Wednesday November 10. The winners will be notified on Monday, November 15.

For any questions, contact Samantha Brown at 315-733-1224, ext. 2800, or by email at [email protected]

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