Slow to take off, after a first date they crossed paths

Ms Feldman added that the couple “became very close relatives of each other” and that her mother and father, Susan Horowitz and Rick Feldman, developed one-on-one friendships with Mr Esocoff’s parents “which exist independently of us.

Coming from a family of architects and being one himself, Mr Esocoff said he “first had to come to terms with the idea of ​​not marrying an architect”. But “when I wondered if Sascha would be a good partner,” he added, “I thought, ‘Well, she deals with artists every day, so she must be able to put up with me.’ This turned out to be correct in many ways.

On December 22, 2019, hours before the two were to board a flight to Rome, Mr. Esocoff asked Ms. Feldman to marry him at the TWA Hotel at John F. Kennedy Airport in Queens . He described his proposal – which he had mapped out a week earlier with the butler of the hotel’s restaurant, Paris Café – as “an expression of love through design”.

‘We picked the perfect table,’ he said, and that the butler would give Ms Feldman a wrapped box containing her engagement ring at the end of their meal ‘as if it were a present’ .

But the box was actually a copy of “Designing TWA: Eero Saarinen’s Airport Terminal in New York”, a book about the history of the former TWA Flight Center, a designated city landmark, which became the hotel. “With a small X-acto knife, I carved out a square in the center ‘of the book’ and inserted a piece of foam for the ring to sit on,” Mr. Esocoff said.

Using the TWA logo, he also designed the paper it was wrapped in, as well as stationery on which he wrote a note “in the voice of ‘Mr. Saarinen, the architect of the building,’ wishing us good luck in our great adventure”. he added.

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