Road Dogg reveals WWE wanted him to witness Billy and Chuck’s wedding

On the last episode of “Oh…you didn’t know” Road Dogg covered a wide range of topics.

Meanwhile, the former WWE wrestler opened up about WWE wanting him to witness Billy and Chuck’s wedding on SmackDown in 2002:

“They called me to witness Billy and Chuck’s wedding,” he said. “WWE called me and I had just got the gig with TNA. I said, ‘Let me check with TNA and make sure it’s cool.’ Jeff (Jarrett) said, ‘Yeah , you can do whatever you want.” I called them back and they were like, okay, we’re going to give you this or that amount of money, and I said, “Well, it doesn’t seem not be a very good deal”. You want me in this picture for something, don’t you? I’d appreciate it if you doubled that and then we’ll have a chat.

Road Dogg continued: “Then they were like, ‘Oh, we heard you were hard to deal with. I said, ‘You called me to be in the thing. Someone threw my name out there. Now I want you to pay me like someone threw my name out there and not like y’all picked some fucking name out of a hat. They were coming up to me and literally choking me on fire trying to see if I would bite because I was desperate. They know that when you’re down, I can offer her less money. So it’s business acumen, just heartless. I refused and did not go. It was because they didn’t want to give me what I asked for and I didn’t ask for anything amazing. It was just double what they offered me.

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