Pyrex bowl discussion leads to wedding advice

EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) – This week on East Texas Kitchen Pickin’, Jeff Awtrey shows off an assortment of bowls and Mama Steph is celebrating 32 years of marriage. Happy Birthday!

Mickey Mouse travel mug

Mickey Mouse travel mug(KLTV)

Jeff: Not a major find, just something cool. It’s a Disney Parks mug. I watch anything Disney related and will take it if it’s in good shape.

Steph: For as cheap as you bought it, it’s a bargain. It’s a great color, it’s insulated, and it looks brand new; Plus, you can’t go wrong with Disney collectibles!

Pfaltzgraff Bowl

Pfaltzgraff Bowl
Pfaltzgraff Bowl(KLTV)

Jeff: Like I said before, if it’s made in the USA, it’s worth a look. I got two small bowls and two cereal bowls at this sale. I really become a sucker for glassware! According to the Pfaltzgraff website, this company was established in 1811. They had their own store called Pottery Hill. In the 1970s they started selling in department stores. They have been selling exclusively online since 2009.

Stephen: I like Pfaltzgraff stoneware. It is solid, beautiful and practical. I wish I had signed up for one of their designs (or a Dansk design) instead of the fancy Noritake porcelain I received for my wedding 32 years ago, beautiful as it was.

Tupperware parfait dishes

Tupperware parfait cup
Tupperware parfait cup(KLTV)

Jeff: Tupperware has found its way into our segment every week so far. I thought it was for sundaes but Steph said it was for parfaits. Well of course I should have seen that considering it has a lid. It’s number 754-25. Steph succeeded again with the color: smoky grey. What’s cool is that they detach from the base. I bet that makes them easier to clean and store.

Stephen: Definitely a nice gray, and it’s perfect that it comes apart for cleaning and storage. I’m sold on the idea of ​​taking them on a picnic!

Purple Pyrex Bowls

purple pyrex
purple pyrex(KLTV)

Jeff: We always check the Pyrex brand, but the colored products are especially popular. We had two sets this weekend from a nice lady. One was a set of four mixing bowls and the other was a set of four ribbed bowls that you see in the photo above.

Stephen: Ribbed storage bowls are so useful. The lids are plastic so they don’t tend to last as long as glass bowls so I had to replace them on Ebay for my clear set. This amethyst set you found is beautiful! Great find. Pyrex mixing bowls are beautiful and very useful too. Pyrex is a great staple in any kitchen.

My clear set was a wedding gift, and our 32nd anniversary was this week! Devyn asked for marriage advice for young people, and all I found was don’t sweat the small stuff. If you spend your time being mad or offended for every little thing your partner does wrong, you will be miserable (and so will they). Find solutions instead of complaining. And don’t forget to laugh and have fun together! Life is too short not to.

Pampered Chef Utensil Holder

Pampered Chef Utensil Holder
Pampered Chef Utensil Holder(KLTV)

Jeff: This was my favorite kitchen find of the weekend and I found it on my own. I thought at first it was called a lazy Susan, but it’s a rotating bamboo utensil holder.

Stephen: Yeah, that’s pretty awesome. It is solidly built and will last for many years I bet. It looks like bamboo, but I can’t tell if it’s real bamboo or another wood covered in a bamboo print. It’s so nice! People can use them for many purposes besides utensils, like art supplies, school supplies, makeup brushes, etc.

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