Pros and Cons of Full Price List on Your Wedding Photography Website

It seems to me that there has been an eternal debate as to whether or not you should put your full prices on your wedding photography website. Some say “no way” and others say “absolutely”. But the best solution might actually be somewhere in between. In this video, Matt johnson shares the pros and cons of putting your prices on your website and suggests an alternative solution that might work the best.


In the video, Matt talks about wedding videography, but the advice applies to photography as well. So when should you put the prices?

If you’re in your early years of filming weddings, revealing the total price is a good idea. The competition is fierce at the start and you are basically competing based on your price. This number is what matters most to couples at this point, so it can be of great benefit to you – the couple will go to your website, find the prices, and contact you if they can afford your services.

Speaking of affordability, couples will automatically disqualify themselves if they don’t have a budget for you. This way, you can avoid haggling and awkward conversations that will waste your time and still not bring you together.

These tips, in Matt’s opinion, apply if you charge up to $ 3,000 for filming a wedding. Nevertheless, the price ratio depends on your country or region, so you have to find out for yourself.

The inconvenients

As you start to charge more than your “rookie cutoff,” you will see a change in both your competition and your couples. There is less competition, the market is healthier, and couples are less price sensitive than those with smaller budgets.

However, there is a catch. Couples will no longer choose you based on your price. They look for quality and you really have to show skill and experience. This is when you should take the time to form a relationship with the couple – show them your website and high quality work, show them off to yourself and your best movies or photos, and then give it to them. the costs.

The alternative solution

Finally, there’s a “hybrid” option that Matt says works best for him. Personally, this is also what I would choose: not to post all your prices. Let couples see your best content on your website and only list your starting price (the price of your cheapest package). This filters out couples who can’t afford to pay you so that they don’t contact you, and couples who can pay you will have an idea of ​​what to expect.

Hope this video helps you decide what to do and whether or not to put full pricing on your website. As I mentioned, I would also go for the ‘hybrid’ option and I’m curious to hear – how do you deal with that?

[Should Wedding Filmmakers Put Full Pricing On Their Website? via FStoppers]

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