Prince Andrew would ‘scream and scream’ if maids touched his teddy bears

Prince Andrew would have raging tantrums and ‘scream and scream’ if maids rearranged the approximately 60 teddy bears piled on his bed, according to an ITV documentary.

Former Royal Protection Command member Paul Page told journalist Ranvir Singh of the prince’s strange attachment to the documentary’s collection of soft toys, Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Pedophile.

The ex-royal copper, who provided security for the Royal Family between 1998 and 2004 and had access to the Duke’s flat, alleges the Queen’s favorite son had a bed piled high with ’50 to 60′ bears plush.

A former copper royal has made claims on the ITV documentary Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the pedophile

Page also claims that Prince Andrew, who was recently stripped of his military and royal titles, would fly into fits of rage if he saw the stuffed toys were out of place after the maids were in the room.

Page said: ‘There were about 50 or 60 plush toys placed on the bed and basically there was a card the inspector showed us in a drawer and it was a picture of these bears all in if you.

“The reason for the laminated image was that if these bears weren’t put back in the correct order by the maids, he would scream and howl.”

The duke would like
The Duke would ‘scream and scream’ if his teddy bear collection was out of place

These aren’t the only teddy bears the disgraced Duke would own.

In 2009, journalist Elizabeth Day interviewed the Queen’s second son at her Buckingham Palace apartment. Telling the experience for the Mail online, the reporter said she waited for the prince in a hallway where there was an “oversized teddy bear crushed in a seat.”

The disgraced prince was recently stripped of his royal and military titles
The disgraced prince was recently stripped of his royal and military titles

Prince Andrew, accused of having sex with Virginia Giuffre (née-Roberts) when she was 17, told Day the bear was a wedding present from his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, who placed the toy in the horse. -the horse-drawn carriage that took newlyweds from Westminster Abbey to their wedding reception.

The Duke of York has always strongly denied all allegations of wrongdoing.

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Prince Andrew would 'scream and scream' if the maids rearranged his bed's teddy bear collection
Prince Andrew would ‘scream and scream’ if the maids rearranged his bed’s teddy bear collection

Day said: “I remember he found it extremely funny, even many years after the event.

“It seemed rather strange to me that a grown man would be so amused by the presence of a stuffed toy… I wondered if it was someone who had never really grown up because he hadn’t Never had to. Here he is, taking up space in his mother’s house, doing some made-up job to entertain him, and still having a teddy bear his ex-wife gave him. It was weird.

Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the pedophile is on ITV on Tuesday at 9 p.m.

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