Pizzolato’s Green Footprint Brings Color to US Prosecco Week: M-Use Bottle Inspires Greener Drinking


Putting the spotlight on Prosecco DOC “M-USE” Brut and its bottle design, Cantina Pizzolato, an organic winery in Treviso, focused on 3 important concepts for the environment, Reuse, Reduce and Recycle during Prosecco Week USA 2022

1st of August – Prosecco Week was held July 18-24, 2022 in the United States of America to celebrate one of the most famous wines in the world, Prosecco. Numerous star events enlivened the whole country, from the west coast to the east coast. Among the participating wineries, Cantina Pizzolato presented its Prosecco DOC “M-Use”.

“M-Use” is a project born in 2019 emphasizing “MULTI-USE”. “The M-Use project was born from a meticulous and in-depth analysis of our sparkling wines. An analysis that led us to discover, for example, that most of them are women between 30 and 45 years old, assiduous in the social world and passionate about beauty but very attentive to issues related to the environment. Hence the intuition to transform the classic smooth glass container into an object of desire with a thousand lives. The main markets in which they immediately adopted this project were Sweden and the United States of America, markets which are constantly changing and which often anticipate trends and tastes”, explains Sabrina Rodelli, export manager of La Cantina Pizzolato.

The result is what is known today as the “M-USE bottle”, a prime example of a green footprint that emphasizes the concepts of reuse, reduce and recycle. Going from a bottle that loses its value when empty to a bottle that is intentionally emptied to acquire new values ​​and interesting purposes, in line with the company’s sensitivity towards an ever more sustainable and green future. The name of this new bottle is not accidental. In fact, “M-Use” is a name that contains several meanings within itself: born from the extraordinary union of female perspectives; he identifies, in the bottle, both inspiring muse, femininity par excellence, and MULTI-USE.

The precious bottle of Prosecco DOC, presented during Prosecco week, is indeed transformed by becoming an object of design and sustainable decoration. The bottle has diamonds on the surface, further enriching the Prosecco Pizzolato contained inside, which is already fully eco-sustainable as certified organic and vegan. A ceiling lamp, a water bottle on the table and a vase of flowers are some of its possible reuses. Everything in the associated merchandising is also environmentally friendly: for example, the glasses are made from the cup of the 200 ml “M-Use” bottle, the glass stopper of the water bottle and the box 100% recycled paper gift.

Prosecco DOC “M-USE” Brut Pizzolato is a Prosecco DOC obtained exclusively from Glera grapes, certified organic and vegan. The brightly colored Prosecco, straw yellow with greenish reflections, has a harmonious and balanced fragrance, reminiscent of rennet apple. It goes well with light dishes such as sushi and sashimi thanks to its velvety, fresh flavor and its fine, persistent perlage. Prosecco DOC “M-USE” Brut is available in 200ml and 750ml formats.

Thanks to the national and international fairs and events that return in 2022, such as Vinitaly and Prosecco Week, Cantina Pizzolato has made it its mission to raise consumer awareness of green concepts of sustainability by inspiring them with the many possible reuses of the bottle of the “M- USE” world.


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