Peyton Manning says he wants Tom Brady to return his retirement gifts, including a letter and a bottle of wine

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When Tom Brady decided to retire from the NFL in February, the seven-time Super Bowl champion received a send-off adjustment for a GOAT. Across the sports landscape, legends were tilting their heads at the former Buccaneers and Patriots quarterback as he closed the book on the Hall of Fame slam dunk career and one the NFL had never seen in its history.

One of the most notable farewells Brady received during this time was from longtime rival, good friend and fellow legendary quarterback Peyton Manning. The Hall of Famer told attendees of an event hosted by The MINT Collective on Saturday that he wrote Brady a two-page letter after his retirement and paired it with a bottle of wine to congratulate him on his accomplishments.

However, with Brady stunning the NFL and deciding not to retire just weeks after that announcement, Manning jokingly said he wanted those gifts returned to him.

“I want the letter returned,” Manning said. “You have to read all that nice stuff, I want it back. I want the bottle of wine too.”

Manning is in a precarious situation here with Brady returning to the NFL. Will he write another letter and buy another bottle of wine as the 44-year-old retires at some point in the future? Is the first congratulatory message/gift still valid? It’s a situation similar to when a friend has a second marriage. If you’ve already bought them an air fryer for their first wedding, will you shell out for a second? It’s a tough call.

The former Broncos and Colts quarterback has a valid case for asking for the retirement gifts to be returned, although we all know Brady has already gone through the letter and there’s also a good chance the wine has already been uncorked.

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