Park Press Printers offers eco-friendly boxes and packaging in Massachusetts

When it comes to eco-friendly boxes and packaging in Massachusetts, Park Press Printers deserves a special mention.

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Saugus, MA – (ReleaseWire) – 10/13/2022 – In addition to all popular box shapes, Park Press Printers has expanded the possibilities for commercial packaging and custom boxes. They now offer fully custom boxes and box printing. One can have best in class custom packaging with their digital and 4 color offset printing services.

At Park Press Printers, they specialize in cosmetic packaging, retail box packaging, gift box packaging, tins and food packaging, providing service to customers in Massachusetts, New York, Washington, DC and everywhere else in the United States.

Massachusetts eco-friendly boxes and packaging are one of their specialties. The company believes in environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging; thus, they only use fully recyclable cartons.

Today, it is more important than ever to protect the environment. As technology advances, people need to reduce their carbon footprint. It is therefore crucial to preserve natural resources. Seen from the perspective of a paper manufacturer, Park Press Printers can understand how easy it is to generate a significant amount of waste. That’s why they decided to provide their customers with environmentally friendly packaging.

The modern packaging industry understands the importance of sustainability, which is why it follows the rules of the four Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle and reproduce. These eco-friendly boxes can be reused as they are made from recycled materials. When it comes to sprucing up boxes without lowering the quality or standard, aqueous coatings and soy-based inks are great options.

On request, prefabricated boxes will be delivered to the customer. Custom boxes will arrive flat and may require customer installation. Upon request, Park Press Printers will assemble. They provide a wealth of templates to help customers build the ideal project. If someone can’t find the template they need, Park Press Printers can create one for them.

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