New York leaders say five-day work week could be over

Imagine what you could do with a three-day weekend. You could finally catch up on sleep, head to the museum for that show you wanted to see, have another day for brunch with friends, and not spend your entire weekend doing chores and errands. A four-day work week would be a game-changer.

Well, in the UK, workers from over 30 companies are taking part in a pilot project, where the working week is four days. They are being asked to do the same amount of work as before, and up to 35 hours a week, but this will be spread over four days, not five. They will also be paid as before.

And while that seems like a long shot given America’s work culture, the pandemic has really changed things, according to New York Governor Kathy Hochul and New York City Mayor Eric Adams. This week, they both admitted that the five-day workweek may be a thing of the past.

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On Tuesday, Governor Hochul spoke about the five-day workweek saying “it may never be a five-day week again,” according to The New York Post.

“It can be four days with flexibility,” she said. “It may be three and a half years.”

And while it sounds like she totally reversed her stance on getting people back to their offices, she didn’t. She just understands that it may be happening fewer days a week because employers may not be able to get people back to the office full-time.

Those of us who have worked from home for the past two years have become accustomed to the convenience and comfort of working from home. There are no harrowing commutes and we don’t have to put up with an uncomfortable office culture. And with a recent rise in crime on the subway, people feel safer working from home. According to reports, only 35% of NYC employees have returned to the office full-time.

That being said, Hochul said she would like to see people come to the office “at least three to four days minimum” to spur economic recovery, creativity and social development, The post office said.

Even more unbelievably, Mayor Eric Adams appeared to backtrack on his stance on getting New Yorkers back in office. He said this week that we are “entering a new era of work and what New York will look like,” according to NBC New York.

But like Hochul, he thinks returning to mostly in-person work is just a matter of time.

“One thing is for sure. You can’t run a city like this remotely. There has to be interaction at work,” he said.

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