Michigan duo accused of stealing $1,800 from Northampton Walmart with debit card scam

Published: 01/25/2022 20:08:20

Modified: 01/25/2022 20:07:03

NORTHAMPTON – Police have obtained arrest warrants for two people from Flint, Michigan, accused of stealing more than $1,800 worth of gift cards and merchandise from Northampton Walmart using a fake debit card , in an alleged conspiracy that targeted four Walmart stores on the same day.

Dayvion Williams, 19, Trinity Franklin, 18, and a minor were arrested on the night of November 27 after leaving Walmart in the Worcester County town of Oxford. Williams and Franklin appeared in Dudley District Court on charges of larceny and conspiracy, according to Oxford Police, and the minor is charged with conspiracy.

Northampton Police determined they were the same people believed to have staged a so-called ‘cash/cash’ scam in the town hours earlier, according to court records. A “cash/cash” scam consists of tricking the cashier into believing that payment has been made and, in some cases, allows the suspect to receive money from the cashier as if it were a cashback from a debit card.

Williams and Franklin are charged in Northampton District Court with theft over $1,200 in a single scheme and warrants for their arrest were approved last week.

Both suspects face five years in state prison or two years in prison and a $25,000 fine if convicted of the Northampton charges. Oxford Police reports say they were also suspected of fraudulent activity at Walmart stores in Sturbridge and Chicopee.

Suspects ‘confuse’ the cashier

Northampton Police allege in court documents that Williams, Franklin, the minor and an unidentified fourth suspect made eight transactions for merchandise and gift cards at Walmart in 10 minutes and deliberately misled the cashier, who was a minor, so that he presses the “cash”. ” payment button when no money had changed hands.

‘It is believed they used a tactic with a fake debit card which was repeatedly declined to confuse the cashier,’ reads a Northampton police report, ‘and manipulated the cashier into enter specific commands in the registry. Ultimately, the register would complete the transaction as if the suspects had paid in cash, but the cashier thought the transaction had been paid for by debit card.

Oxford police said they used the same scam to steal 21 prepaid gift cards from that city’s Walmart store worth $4,104.94, but further investigation revealed the cards had no been successfully activated. Williams and Franklin were charged with stealing the plastic cards, but not the cash.

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