Meet Johnny’s Donuts… Valentine’s Day Specials | 2022-02-03

Johnny’s Donuts, with multiple locations across Northern California, is revisiting its cult classic flavors this Valentine’s Day, now topped with Valentine’s-themed sprinkles and frostings. The decorated donuts are available in stores from February 9 to 14.

Specials include a heart-shaped Bismark filled with vanilla custard, dipped in chocolate and coated in red sprinkles, and a heart-shaped Bismark filled with Johnny’s best-selling wild berry filling, sipped in a strawberry glaze and coated in white and pink sprinkles. .

Another feature is the strawberry donut with strawberry frosting and pink sprinkles (pictured).

Johnny’s San Francisco location offers the perfect blend of the retro charm of Johnny Donuts and the modern, urban vibe of the Hayes Valley location. Located right next to the Civic Center, the Hayes Valley store is a great place to grab a morning donut and coffee, an afternoon treat, or even host your next event. The 2,000 square foot space includes tables for meet and greets, standing space for up to 100 guests, and a 1,000 square foot outdoor patio. We also organize courses and workshops.

The retailer has additional locations in San Rafael, CA, Larkspur Landing, CA, and Santa Rosa, CA.

Additionally, Johnny on the Road’s fleet ranges from delivery vans with pop-up donut boxes to full-scale mobile kitchens loaded with over 1,000 donuts and an espresso bar. Customers can find the Johnny Donuts Truck at Off the Grid Markets in El Cerrito and the Alameda South Shore Center

Johnny’s Donuts, bite-sized treats, are also back, now with a limited-time Valentine’s Day-themed twist. Guests can enjoy this box of 12 assorted donuts, beautifully wrapped with homemade twine and a handwritten card.

Varieties include chocolate glazed holes with red sprinkles filled with vanilla pastry cream (3 ply) or white vanilla glazed holes with pink sprinkles filled with a decadent homemade jam (3 ply).

For online shoppers, guests can purchase a gift box of 4, 6, 8, or 12 donuts, wrapped in twine with a Valentine’s Day card. The boxes will include some of the Valentine’s Day themed donuts. Boxes will be available for local pickup or delivery, and through Doordash.

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