Margaretta Morgan sells four bulls for an average of $ 15,000 at Rockhampton Brahman Week in 2021 | North Queensland Registry

A passion for Red Brahmans from a young age has rewarded a renowned breeder with her best selling result at Rockhampton Brahman Week Sale to date.

Known as one of the “Women of Walla”, Margaretta Morgan of Walubial Red Brahmans, Arubial, Condamine, has been selling bulls since the start of the sale.

On the last day of Brahman week, Mrs. Morgan offered four bulls, for a record price of $ 22,000 on two occasions, and a solid average of $ 15,000, which she said was a “very humbling” result.

“It was one of the best sales results I have had and I was involved in this sale long before the Australian Brahman Breeders’ Association took over,” Ms. Morgan said.

“This sale is a big highlight of the year for me and it is a big effort on the part of everyone involved to prepare all the bulls well in advance of the sale.

“My focus is on breeding genetics, but I will continue to sell four or six bulls to Rockhampton. I would have to get carried away first to keep me from coming to Brahman Week.”

With the help of her two sons, Mrs. Morgan runs around fifty red Brahman breeders, a Wagyu stud named Arubial and a 30,000 head feedlot outside of La Condamine.

She is the oldest of four sisters and the second child of Hugh and Phyllis Innes.

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Originally a breeder from Hereford, years of drought and ticks forced her father to convert to a red Brahmans stallion in 1949, Walla Brahmans being stud number four.

Her father bought her first red Brahman bull as a wedding gift for her and her late husband Mathuen in 1964.

“My stud was first registered in 1965 just after my marriage. My husband gave me 20 Shorthorn cows and my father gave me a red Brahman bull and a gray Brahman cow for my wedding present. start of my stud herd, ”she said.

“Mathuen and I were one of the few who opened the first feedlot in 1972, and we started by feeding the first pen with a wheelbarrow and a bucket.

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