Madison Park Eleven Meal Kit Review: Plant-Based Meal Delivery

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  • Eleven Madison Park is one of the most famous restaurants in the world and boasts three Michelin stars.
  • Eleven Madison Home is a meal kit by Eleven Madison Park, featuring a day of plant-based meals.
  • I tried the box and it is filled with tasty dishes, but the price is high.

Michelin-starred restaurants and plant-based eating can seem like equally daunting interests. But, what if I told you that there is a way to taste both without leaving your home?

Enter Eleven Madison Home, a meal kit created by Chef Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park. The box, starting at $150 per person, makes eating plant-based gourmet meals for an easy and accessible day.

I tried Eleven Madison Home for the first time and, despite the high price, I found it to be an enjoyable experience filled with creative and delicious dishes.

What is Eleven Madison Home?

Close up of the Eleven Madison Home box.

The box is quite expensive, at $150 for the smallest size.

Kristin Montemarano/Insider

Eleven Madison Home is a weekly meal kit service that contains a day’s worth of food. It was created by Daniel Humm, the executive chef of Eleven Madison Park, a gourmet restaurant located just across from Madison Square Park in New York City.

With three Michelin stars, a 4-star rating from The New York Times, and a #1 ranking in The World’s Best Restaurants 2017, Eleven Madison Park remains an exclusive dining experience, booking reservations two months in advance.

After closing due to COVID-19, the restaurant reopened in 2021 – but not in its usual way. The menu has become exclusively plant-based to inspire its diners to enjoy a more eco-conscious approach to food. The restaurant serves food in tasting courses, so a reservation is a flat rate of $335 per person, excluding tip and drinks.

To further its mission of producing and consuming eco-friendly food, Humm has created Eleven Madison Home, a meal kit that gives you access to the Michelin-starred restaurant without ever leaving your home.

How Eleven Madison Home Works

Overhead view of food in the Eleven Madison Home box.

Although it may seem like too much food, I found the amount to be satisfying.

Kristin Montemarano/Insider

The box comes in two options: a small for one person at $150 or a large for two people at $285. You can also add items from their kitchen each week, such as a pasta kit, granola trio, or whole roasted cauliflower curry.

The box contains a day’s food: breakfast, soup, lunch, snacks, dinner and dessert. The menu changes weekly and is inspired by seasonal cuisine and local ingredients.

To order, you select your box size and any other additions, then choose Monday or Tuesday for delivery. The subscription is ongoing, so you will automatically receive a new box each week, but you can skip a week or cancel through your account. There is no minimum number of weeks you must enroll for, no discounts, and no refunds or returns.

Currently, the box ships to Manhattan, but they plan to expand their delivery locations by summer. Delivery is within 6 hours and you will receive same day text updates with details. You don’t have to be home for the delivery, but you’ll want to refrigerate the items as soon as possible.

Meals do not come with nutritional data and they are not available online or through customer service, although Eleven Madison Home hopes to provide more detailed information as the service continues to grow and find a rhythm with its offerings. menus.

What comes in the box?

Collage of three images of Eleven Madison Home's chia pudding and granola bar in a wrapper, then a close up of the granola bar and pudding.

The coconut chia pudding was a highlight for me as it was tangy, creamy and not too sweet.

Kristin Montemarano/Insider

The box contains a full day of plant-based food. As each new week approaches, menus are updated on the Eleven Madison Home website, with descriptions of the meals you’ll receive, including where local produce and grains come from.

According to the site, breakfast will include items such as oatmeal, parfaits, and fruit. Soups change from season to season, and lunch is mostly leafy greens, grains, and salads. Snacks range from savory to sweet, and dinner is more filling with ready-to-cook dishes and pastas. Dessert will range from sliced ​​and baked cookies to custards and pies.

The box I received dates from the week of May 16 and included:

  • Breakfast: Coconut Chia Pudding with Strawberry Jam and a Protein Press Granola Bar
  • Soup: spring vegetable minestrone
  • Lunch: Bibb Salad with Tahini Dressing
  • To taste: Root vegetable crisps
  • Having dinner: Wild Mushroom Rice with Baby Bok Choy and Marinated Mushrooms
  • Dessert: Chocolate Espresso Cookies Cut and Baked
  • To add: Pasta dinner with orecchiette pasta, basil pesto and rosemary breadcrumbs

Eleven Madison Home reviews

Eleven Madison Home Pesto Pasta Meal Kit and Cooked Pasta.

The pasta dinner was easy to prepare and delicious.

Kristin Montemarano/Insider

As expected, all meals were tasty and well seasoned. The chia pudding wasn’t gummy or overly sweet and the granola bar had a great texture. The soup, although more broth than vegetables and orzo, had a creamy consistency and the vegetables had a good crunch. The salad was a favorite, so much so that I wish it had been a bit larger.

The wild mushroom rice, although lacking a main source of protein, was still filling and the pickled mushrooms were a highlight for me. As a baker, I loved the process of cutting and baking fresh cookies.

I have a moderate appetite so I would say this was the perfect amount of food for me. At the end of the day, I still had most of the bottle of tahini dressing left over, along with some mushroom rice and cookie dough.

Minestrone soup and vegetable chips from Eleven Madison Home.

The soup was a decent portion and the fries had an amazing crunchy, tangy flavor, but there weren’t enough in the bag.

Kristin Montemarano/Insider

I made the pesto pasta dinner a few days later, and it came together very quickly with great flavor. To make the pesto pasta, I cooked the pasta according to package directions, reserving a cup of pasta water before draining. Then I put the pasta back in the pan with the starchy water and pesto and stirred for a few minutes over low heat until thickened. Seems like a lot of pesto, but I used almost all of it and used leftovers throughout the week.

A green salad from Eleven Madison Home in a serving platter.

Although smaller than I would like, the salad was full of flavor and texture.

Kristin Montemarano/Insider

Although hard to find, the items they thought we would have left had expiration and storage information in the menu card.

Despite the mission and the quality, the price of the box is daunting. Breaking the day up into four meals (I also counted the soup as one) would cost about $37 per meal for one person. That being said, if you’re intrigued by the food and have the cash to spend, it’s worth a try.

Collage of three images of an unbaked chocolate espresso cookie dough log, an unbaked cookie, and a baked cookie from Eleven Madison Home.

The experience of baking fresh cookies was a nice touch.

Kristin Montemarano/Insider

For me, it was more of an experience than anything, just like it would be dinner at Eleven Madison Park (which is twice the price of a single meal). It may not be exactly the same as the restaurant, but the quality of the food made sense for the price, it was packaged with care, and it offered flavor and the promise of ease, as most meals were ready to eat.

It’s worth noting that plant-based eating doesn’t have to be that expensive, and there are plenty of other ways to get it, like other meal kits or local restaurants, especially if you live At New York. But, with this concept, it includes ingredients (like morels), pre-prepared add-ons (like mushroom broth), or meals that may be harder to find or complicated to prepare, adding to the overall gastronomy-feeling at home.

The bottom line

If you’re inspired by the idea of ​​plant-based eating and have an affinity for Michelin-rated fine dining, the Eleven Madison Home box food is tasty enough to be worth a splurge. I would use it as a treat, and think it would be a great gift for a loved one. But, if you just want to eat more plant-based foods, there are plenty of other delicious ways to do it that are more affordable.

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