Luxury Easter treats to get for this year, including Belgian chocolate eggs

Easter is only a month away and you may already be thinking about which Easter eggs to buy.

They’re certainly already popping up in supermarkets across the country, but what if you wanted something a little different to gift a friend or family member for the season.

Cartwright & Butler might have an answer for you with their selection of luxury Easter treats.

From Belgian chocolate eggs to various baskets and gift boxes, they have plenty to choose from.

Cartwright & Butler Easter Treats

Gift Box (Cartwright & Butler)” alt=”Rhyl Journal: Happy Easter Gift Box (Cartwright & Butler)” class=”editor-image”/>Happy Easter Gift Box (Cartwright & Butler)

If you’re looking in the gift baskets/boxes area, then the Happy Easter Gift Box for £25 might be a solid option.

The interior includes a Simnel cake, three chocolate chip cookies, lemon zest shortbread and English breakfast tea bags, which will give someone a lot of fun.

Alongside this you have the Easter Gift Basket which is slightly more expensive at £65 which is suitable for a massive amount of snacks and more.

Lemon Chocolate Shortbread Rounds, Lemon Curd, Crispy Chocolate Wafers, Deluxe Belgian Chocolate Eggs and Sherbert Pips are just a few of the items included.

These delicious Easter treats come in a seasonal yellow box, stamped with the Cartwright & Butler logo and filled with genuine straw.

Rhyl Journal: Belgian Chocolate Eggs (Cartwright & Butler)Belgian Chocolate Eggs (Cartwright & Butler)

If you just wanted to get the Belgian chocolate eggs alone, which are a mix of white, milk and dark chocolate eggs with a rich praline cream filling, you can get a box for £15 from the Cartwright & Butler.

Additional items include a selection of cinnamon spiced Easter butter cookies for £10 and a marzipan Simnel bread cake for £13.

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