LuLu KSA Launches Ramadan Bouquet of Special Treats

RIYADH — LuLu hypermarket in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has launched a bouquet of special Ramadan treats that will no doubt make the holy month celebrations varied and convenient for shoppers.

The retail giant has introduced a prepackaged Ramadan kit with all the essentials – this easy to pick up kit comes in two different combinations of SAR 99 and SAR 199 respectively.

Apart from the kits, LuLu is set to launch traditional food stations that highlight the meat festival, dates and nuts, Ramadan nights and sweets – dessert festival. Additionally, LuLu will introduce Souk Al Fawakeh to provide customers with competitively priced fresh fruits and vegetables in bulk packaging. It offers 30 exotic fruits for the whole month.

Likewise, in collaboration with the Saudi Food Bank, LuLu has launched several other things:

Ramadan Box and Iftar meals: Together with Saudi Food Bank, LuLu has launched iftar boxes containing convenient packs of post-fasting essential meals that customers can purchase for SR15 and SR99 each. It is also possible to donate SR 15 and SR99 through the counters. The Saudi Food Bank will distribute the iftar boxes to the needy and charity groups that cater to those in need.

Ramadan Iftar & Suhoor menu: In the generous spirit of the holy month, LuLu launched these Ramadan-themed cards to provide a unique shopping experience for customers. These cards can be used for Iftar or Suhoor respectively. The cards will be available at the value of SR15 and SR150. The card for SR15 can be used for one day and that for SR150 can be used for 60 days.

LuLu collaboration with SPL: For those who want to give gifts to their family and friends, LuLu has released the cute concept of Ramadan themed boxes. Customers can select their goodies and organize their boxes. Boxes can be sent anywhere in the world via Saudi Post, in which LuLu has arranged a special 10% discount on courier charges for this service, and conveniently there will be a Saudi Post stand at LuLu hypermarkets in Riyadh, Jeddah and Al Khobar to ship the gift boxes.

Respond to new lifestyles: If you follow special diets like the Keto diet or are vegan, LuLu has also created special Vegan Keto and Iftar dishes for customers.

Other highlights of Ramadan include

Ramadan Souk: The Ramadan souk focuses on the best deals in terms of home, food and decoration.

Healthy Ramadan: This theme focuses on the group of health conscious people who want to focus on a very specific type of diet.

Festival: These offerings will focus on big-screen offerings for the post-Iftar gathering experience.

Ramadan House: Household appliances, especially cleaning and cooking, play a huge role during the month of Ramadan. These deals are specifically for all kitchen and household appliances.

Ramadan nights: Ramadan nights aim to provide deals on delicious Ramadan dishes that people enjoy during the month. There will be a variety of dishes for you to choose from.

Shehim Mohammed, Director of LuLu Hypermarket, Saudi Arabia, said: “We have launched product offers and Ramadan kits to make shopping easier and more convenient. Our in-store promotional sections are more comprehensive and expansive with many essential products offered at attractive discounts. The same offers are also reinforced in our online shopping with offers and promotions to guarantee safe shopping for those who do not wish to buy in stores.

Run E-Receipt: The concept of E-receipt is to facilitate the follow-up of its invoices by the customer by serving as digital proof of its guarantees. By making it digital, we intend to give customers better shopping experience. The aim is also to follow a sustainable model where the environment is not affected.

Bank promotion with SABB: Customers can enjoy 15% discount when using SABB credit cards. This offer is applicable from March 22 to March 28. This offer is available in all LuLu hypermarkets in Saudi Arabia and online as well. Customers can enjoy up to SR150 on all orders over SR 500.

30% OFF: This offer is available exclusively on this is applicable every Friday and Saturday of April 2022. A maximum of 75 SR can be used for all orders over 100 SR.

LuLu celebrates the year of Saudi coffee in association with the Saudi ministry

While you’re at it, why not add an aromatic sample of Saudi coffee to your gift box? LuLu will promote Saudi coffee (powder and prepared beans) during Ramadan.

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